Şivan Perwer (Born İsmail Aygün) (pron: Shivân Parwar) (born on September 23, 1955 in Turkey) is a Kurdish poet, writer, musical teacher, singer, and performer on the tembûr (lute). Şivan fled Turkey in 1976 due to political tones of his music and moved to Germany and the Kurdistan region of Iraq before returning in 2013 from exile to the Kurdish majority populated city of Diyarbakir in Turkey. For many years, Perwer's songs were banned in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey because they were sung in Kurdish and often cited the oppression against the Kurdish people in the Middle East.

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Peel played a track from Perwer in 1987, when his song Dayê Ez Xelim was available on the WOMAD compilation album, that featured several artists around Asia.

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Şivan Perwer - Dayê Ez Xezal ım

Şivan Perwer - Dayê Ez Xezal ım

  • 08 September 1987: Dayê Ez Xelim (LP - WOMAD Talking Book: Volume Four - An Introduction To Asia 1) WOMAD

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