• 1985-04-01
  • a) Taken from a haul of 1500 mixed edited radio show tapes, purchased from a Scottish collector by a group including Peel Mailing List member Haze. Tracks from this file marked §.
  • Start of show: "Tonight, Cat Stevens, tomorrow night, Led Zeppelin: what is Janice up to? When she gets to Jethro Tull, out goes the emergency call to Her Majesty's Commissioners in Lunacy. Tonight, we've got two vintage sessions, one from UB40, the other from Tears For Fears. Amongst the records, Chris The Glove, we've got a couple of trips to Pittsburgh, Dead Can Dance, Beasts Of Bourbon, Chuck Jackson, the Room, Michael Palmer, the Flying Cream Shots, Men They Couldn't Hang, Jane Bond, Fatback Band, Husker Du, C Cat Trance, Barrington Levy and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry amongst others. To start, this old fave."
  • Peel's last show before going on his first family holiday in nine years, to Crete: we are reminded of the cost of hotels at Heathrow and the fact that Muriel Gray is taking over the following night with sessions from Jesus And Mary Chain, Sophisticated Boom Boom and Billy MacKenzie.



(JP: 'Oh curses! Do you know, that was such a good segue too, and it went so well and it was at the wrong speed. I definitely need a holiday, that's for sure.') §
(JP: 'One of the best of '85 to date, I think.')
  • UB40: 'Love Is All Is Alright' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'Just about my favourite UB40 tune that, I think.')
(JP: 'Before the programme started, normally of course I would have been listening to Janice's programme, but when there are Cat Stevens records in the air, well, goodness me, I find other things to do.')


  • a) 1985-04-01.mp3
  • b) 1985-04-01 John Peel
  • a) 00:27:43
  • b) 02:04:10
  1. Incorrectly announced as Age Of Consent.
  2. Peel is namechecked on this.