• 1970-08-01
  • Tracklisting below is from Volume 1 of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ. One possible error in this is the location of the Big Three track which appeared after Super Sister on this tracklisting.
  • Peel is in good spirits, although the show has a few chaotic moments - hence his comment at the end. A remark in the final half-hour of the show, about arguments in the studio, hints that not everything was running smoothly.
  • Quatermass, who recorded one LP for Harvest Records before breaking up, featured bass player and vocalist John Gustafson, formerly of the Merseybeats and Peel favourites the Big Three - which explains why a track by the latter band appears in the playlist.
  • None of the session groups are conventional guitar-based rock bands, so there is some variety in the music, with fiddles and mandolins (Fairport Convention, Doug Kershaw, Dando Shaft), keyboards [Quatermass) and quite a lot of drums and percussion, especially from Osibisa. Even one of Fairport's session tracks begins with a jazz drum solo.
  • Most obscure track in the listings is by Fynn McCool, a band which included former members of Grapefruit and East of Eden. They too only made one LP before splitting up
  • Some slight differences in running order between the log and the audio .... under analysis


  • Osibisa #1 First broadcast. Recorded 1970-07-27.
    • In The Peel Sessions, Ken Garner puts the recording year as 1971, but this seems likely to be a typo.
    • No known official release.
  • Quatermass #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1970-07-28.
    • No known official release.
  • Fairport Convention #9 Repeat. First broadcast 02 May 1970. Recorded 1970-04-20.  'Walk Awhile' and 'Poor Will & The Jolly Hangman'available on 4-CD set Live At The BBC (Island Remasters)
    • First play for ‘Doctor Of Physick’. ‘Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman’ not played.


  • Start of show on File 1 - unusually, playlist begins with session track
  • Osibisa: Aiyko Bia (session) Peel has problems pronouncing the title; he says that Osibisa are one of a number of Afro-Rock bands in London and that even his postman is in one
  • Eric Clapton: Blues Power (LP - Eric Clapton) Polydor 825 093-1
  • Fairport Convention: The Deserter (session)
  • JP previews the First Gear show series, which will go out on the next four Saturday afternoons, while he’s on holiday
  • Traffic: Empty Pages (LP: John Barleycorn Must Die) Island (On File 1 but not logged)
  • Quatermass: One Blind Mice (session)
  • Donovan: Season Of Farewell (LP - Open Road) Dawn DNLS 3009   (“the Pig’s choice for this week”)
  • news (edited out)
  • Doug Kershaw: Cajun Joe (LP - Spanish Moss) Warner Bros WS 1861 (US release)   (Peel remembers seeing Doug Kershaw at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas)
  • Fairport Convention: Flatback Caper (session) §  (Mandolin medley featuring Dave Swarbrick, but begins with drummer Dave Mattacks quoting from Gene Krupa’s famous solo on “Sing, Sing, Sing”.  Final section is blind harpist Turlough O’Carolan[1]’s “Carolan’s Concerto”, also recorded by the Chieftains)
  • Disinterred Thirty-Three And A Third jingle
  • Big Three: Reelin’ And Rockin’ (EP - At The Cavern) Decca DFE 8552
  • Osibisa: Music For Gong Gong (session)
  • Super Sister: She Was Naked (7") Blossom 2103 002 §  (“I really like that – porno-rock from Holland”)
  • Stackwaddy: Roadrunner (LP - Stackwaddy) Dandelion DAN 8003
  • Quatermass: Laughing Tackle (session)
  • Fairport Convention: Doctor Of Physick (session)
  • T Rex: Jewel / Summertime Blues (promo 7" of Ride A White Swan) (JP:“Last night Marc Bolan walked round to the new Peel Acres with his new single…” – this is the B-side. Due for release in three weeks; Peel still calls them Tyrannosaurus Rex).
  • Grateful Dead: Dire Wolf (LP - Workingman’s Dead) WS 1869
  • Dando Shaft: Cold Wind (LP - An Evening With Dando Shaft) Young Blood SSYB 6
  • Fynn McCool: Coming On Stronger (LP - Fynn McCool) RCA Victor SF 8112
  • News with Roger Moffat  followed by motoring flash read by JP
  • Family: Strange Band (b-side of single - Strange Band) Reprise RS 27009
  • Osibisa: Black Ant (session)
  • Quatermass: Make Up Your Mind (session)
  • Fairport Convention: Walk Awhile (session)
  • Rod Stewart: It’s All Over Now (single) Vertigo 6086 002
  • Show ends; “it’s all been produced by John Walters, for better or worse…(reminds listeners of First Gear shows to be broadcast during his holidays).. have a very good August and be good to one another…”


  • J P Top Gear 01 Aug 1970 complete.mp3
  • 01:56:53
  • Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation
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