• 1988-08-01
  • No sig, no intro, just straight into the music.
  • There are several tales of gigs attended, including Amayenge, Prince (who had just performed three times at Wembley Arena and was on stage there again during this show [1]) and Michael Jackson: both of the latter Peel claims to have reappraised musically since seeing them live (even to the extent of purloining his children's Jackson tape to sing along with in the car).
  • His drive back from the Amayenge gig involved him trying to explain the British licensing laws to some amused Dutch friends (see also Law Game) and hearing Slayer on Annie Nightingale's request show, which leads to a rare spin by JP.
  • According to The Peel Sessions (p. 230), Dub Sex's third session was broadcast in this show, but the recording reveals that technical problems prevented this (see below), and it subsequently went out on 09 August 1988. This explains why two repeats of the same session are listed in less than a fortnight.



(JP: 'Got to see them at the weekend: they were quite wonderful....Saw them playing in the South Park at Oxford, an abbreviated set by all accounts, but I had to leave before the end because our William wasn't feeling terrifically well, and we had a three-hour drive to get home with him in some pain, but he still didn't regret being there for a minute. It was a wonderful performance....Attila The Stockbroker was there, and a great number of other congenial people as well.')
(JP: 'I'm sorry about a measure of confusion here, but we're having slight technical problems with the Dub Sex tapes. For Dub Sex fans, it doesn't look as though we're going to be able to broadcast them tonight, but in the near future, no doubt, and my apologies for that.')
(JP: 'I was expecting a kind of outbreak of Zorba The Greek at some stage, but I suppose quite happily it never occurred.')


  • Peel 1988-08-01
  • 01:58:15
  • Clear mono recording: many thanks to the taper. Some retuning evident.
  1. (JP: 'If the chap on the label is the bloke who's made the record, then I'm rather glad he's in America and not here. Looks very strange indeed.')
  2. John claims he and Sheila visited the record store on the cover of this LP when they were in Harare.
  3. From John's comments, this appears to be the label's first release. He also figures out the origin of their name.
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