• 2002-08-01
  • Unusually for a Thursday night show, this one is broadcast from the studio in London and not Peel Acres.
  • The reason for this is later explained: Peel is DJing the following evening at Fabric, "making the night air hideous" as he puts it. Sender Berlin are also playing on the same night and their set will be broadcast next week (06 August 2002).
  • Peel mentions his acting debut in the film Five Seconds To Spare and ruefully notes that it wasn't even given a home video release.
  • He is still confused over the correct name of the Latvian band Depo, whose CD 'Alepo' was aired on 26 June 2002. Various people had emailed him the correct information but he can't remember what the answer is.
  • Peel starts the introduction to last night's Pig's Big 78 by mistake. JP: "How embarrassing. People will know now that it's pre-recorded, which I'm sure they never previously suspected."
  • The storm that had left Peel Acres without power for 18 hours (see 30 July 2002) also broke the home computer.


  • Bearsuit #3. Recorded 16-16-2002. No known commercial release.


JP: "Not a great name, really... Names are very important. I've often thought to myself - I was thinking about it last night - how different would my life have been if I'd been called John Lee Peel. I think it would have been different. I think that that film I made, for example a few years ago - I say 'the film that I made' - the film in which I had a brief part as a grumpy bloke filing records, would have been shown if I'd been called John Lee Peel. I don't think they would dare have shelved it. It didn't even go to video, which I thought it would do. I thought I'd be able to get video copies of it and distribute them to friends and foe alike. Nothing at all. Terrifically disappointing."
JP: "No problems with the pronounciation of this next band - this is Hifner. Feeble joke, for which I apologise (laughs)."
JP: "I have to say that in an era when almost everything is quite like something else, I mean I exaggerate obviously, but Bearsuit are not quite like anything and we must be grateful for that."
JP: "That is so annoying you know because there was supposed to be a fabulous segue there and it didn't work. I'd like to play that again just so I could give you the great segue but I don't think I can."
JP: "Well you can see can't you what a great segue it would have been. So just imagine it for yourselves for a moment."
JP: "I'm off shortly to my lonely hotel room to listen to One World which comes up after the news."


  • John_Peel_20020801.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
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