• 1995-12-01
  • John looks forward to an upcoming session by the Fall, which he says is their 44th (before admitting he's lost track of how many they have done): it was to be their twentieth, and was first broadcast on 22 December 1995.


  • Cristian Vogel, #1. Recorded in own studio, date unknown. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'During the past week, I have addressed the CD mountain: every night I've been up until like 12 or 1 o'clock, working me way through it. And the consequence of this, of course, is that some of the records that you hear in this programme may be three, four, five, six months old, but there's some really good ones in there.')
(JP: 'Excellent. Just what the doctor ordered, I think.')
(JP: 'That (the Number One Cup LP)'s one of the records I bought last Saturday afternoon, you'll be fascinated to learn, at the Rough Trade shop just round the corner from Portobello Road. I mention this because, once again, there's a chap who has a kind of little stall just round the corner from the Rough Trade shop in Portobello Road, where he does these amazing vegetarian spring rolls. I had one of those, and felt hugely better as a consequence of eating it, despite the fact that, while I was standing there, loads of tourists going past, very crowded of course at that time of day, he leant out to do his little bit of chat to get the people to come and buy his stuff, and he did his kind of "?", you get the picture, and I'm standing there, trying to look as though it's nothing to do with me, everybody turning round to see what's going on. But despite that, I went back and very greedily had a second one, so if you're ever in that area, I recommend his wares to you.') @11

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  • 1) Peel Show 1995-12-01
  • 2) Dat_098_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • 3) 1995-11-xx-12-xx Peel Show LE258
  • 4) 1995-12-xx Peel Show LE259
  • 1) 03:00:07
  • 2) 03:57:13 (from 01:25:41 to 02:43:21)
  • 3) 1:33:07 (from 1:08:11)
  • 4) 1:34:02 (to 1:10:26) (tracks 1-6 to 38:44 then remaining tracks from the start of the show)
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