• 1985-07-01
  • Tracklisting from a YouTube video (2:14 - 2:52), uploaded on 19th August 2018.
  • Thanks to Eddie Berlin in confirming that this is the full tracklisting of the programme.


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(JP: ' was sent to me by somebody in Israel and it's sung in Yemeni I've been advised and it's by Ofra Haza, which again I have to spell O F R A H A Z A, cause my diction isn't as good as it ought to be and people don't understand what it is I'm saying, so Ofra Haza is the name of the artist and the record is difficult to get hold of, unless you got mates there I suppose and it's called Galbi.')
(JP: ' is good isn't it I must say. It's by Ofra Haza. I wish I could give you sound advice of how to get copies of it should you want to, but I really can't, unless as I say you got mates from Israel and there is an LP too, which that track occurs and I can't tell you what the title that is, because I can't read the writing and that's Galbi anyway G A L B I, do that information what you can and see it is as a test of initiative.')


  • 1) JOHN PEEL Introducing OFRA HAZA + A Special Surprise
  • 2) Punk26ca-1986--unbearbeitet.mp3
  • 3) John Peel's Music - 1985-07-01.mp3
  • 1) 0:05:35 (0:03:15 - 0:04:07) (Links of John Peel with music edited out)
  • 2) 1:32:53 (5:16-16:53)
  • 3) 0:57:06
  • 1) Many thanks to MrElirecords
  • 2) Many thanks to Harfe.
  • 3) Many thanks to Eddie Berlin
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