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  • 1998-07-01
  • In 1998, Peel curated the annual Meltdown Festival.
  • He regrets his tactics as it seems that he is stuck in a caravan in a concrete canyon outside the Festival Hall and can't see the bands he had invited
  • Despite what is listed on BBC Genome, the show ran from 20:40 to midnight
  • "I've put it into the machine, but it doesn't seem to have... Actually, I have to be perfectly honest with you, I like to pretend this is due to the machinery not working but it's more to do with me not working. I put the CD casually into the machine without bothering to check if it's actually going round or not. Now it is, I managed to talk my way into a more stable position here."
  • "Even today I'm still picking mud out of my bags of mail and stuff like that [...] having been to Glastonbury of course last weekend as you probably noticed. All kinds of terrible rumours of the things that went on there, the most conspicuous of them being a story I was discussing with Steve Lamacq on the air of a sludgegulper in one of the tents which actually disgorged its previous contents rather than accepting new ones... obviously one hopes that wasn't true."
  • On the Al Ferrier track: "And the other day I got a letter and a couple of records from Deutschemark Bob out of Deutschemark Bob and the Deficits, and he'd been back home to the United States of America, and he found a record that I'd been looking for for quite some time and was decent enough to send it to me. From Al Ferrier, this is 'I'm Not Drinking More.'"
  • "And as we DJs say, it goes something like this..."
  • "This is the John Peel wingding coming to you live from a concrete canyon at the back of the Royal Festival Hall"
  • "That Thurston Moore's tall, isn't he?"
  • "I'm supposed to tell you you're listening to Radio 1, but you know that already, I suspect."



  • Powder: Respect (12") DP Recordings $
  • Delgados live from Royal Festival Hall
  1. Clarinet
  2. Pull The Wires From The Wall $
  3. Blackpool
  4. The Arcane Model
  5. 13 Guiding Principles
  6. The Weaker Argument Defeats The Stronger
  1. Karen Koltrane £
  2. Wildflower Soul (tape flip during track)
  3. French Tickler
  4. Hits of Sunshine
  • D.O.S.E.: Crack Man in Bat Den Sex Shock (single) Mercury £
  • Mac Meda: Michigan 400 (b/w 'The Tenth Of Always' 7") Andmoresound £
  • Culture: Dirty Tricks (album - Trust Me) £
  • Pole: 'Berlin' (Track from LP 1) ("This is Pole, and the tune's call Berlin. Well, 'tune', pfft...")
  • Twp: 'Movie Star' (4-song EP)
  • White Hassle: 'Tom the Harlequin' ("Here's an everyday story of country folk")
  • Stomp & Weaver: 'The Tone'
  • File 1 cuts out near start of above track
  • Spiritualized live from Royal Festival Hall
  • Tracks marked $ available on File 2
  • Tracks marked £ available on File 3


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