• 1982-06-01
  • Peel's intro: "After the triumph of last night's programme we're back to wilful obscurantism and trouble, with sessions from New Order and Vice Squad."
  • Peel isn't a fan of hot weather: "I don't like all this heat, do you? I know that... it's un-British, I like the British weather really when it rains and there's always the expectation of a bit of snow in July and things like that. I think that's quite healthy and good for us and unexpected. This kind of heatwave and all this heat that we've been getting and the sunshine I regard as a great deal of Continental nonsense and I think we can do without it." See also the comment made on 22 September 1982.
  • The Stanley Winston track made Peel's My Top Ten list in 1984 and was later found in John Peel's Record Box.


The New Order session was the first to be released as a 12" EP by the Strange Fruit label (cat. SFPS001, 1986). The group's first two sessions were later compiled onto a single LP (cat. SFRLP110, 1990).

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JP: Nag of Four(sic), and that's from the LP Songs of the Free. "Life! It's a Shame". And indeed it is, actually, because Neil came in while the record was playing, and was telling me about he's been invited to go to the derby tomorrow. Not me. Nobody invites me to go to the derby, but old Neil, he goes, and Mrs Neil and his producer, and everybody, just as many people as he wants to take along, but not me!

JP: I must ask DLT to get these cans of his fixed because they're most peculiar tonight. I sound like a castrate to myself, I hope I don't at your end.

JP: When I was playing that in the office earlier on, one of the Radio 1 secretaries actually stuck her head in through the door and said, "hey, that's pretty good." and that's not something that happens a great deal, I must admit.


  • John Peel 19820601a New Order and Vice Squad.mp3
  • John Peel 19820601b New Order and Vice Squad.mp3
  • 1982-06-01 John Peel BBC Radio 1.mp3
  • 4) KevH Tape 39.mp3
  • 61:47
  • 61:03
  • 2:02:45
  • 4) 01:24:37 (to 20:44)
  • 1-3) Original shared via Peel Newsgroup, 10 April 2008. Many thanks to Wavey Davey for original tape and Andrew for digital transfer and share.
  • 4) Created from Tape 39 of KevH Tapes. Many thanks to ... KevH. Digitised by Weatherman22
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