• 1989-03-01
  • Peel mentions that he and his brother Alan watched a film last night called Golden Disc starring Terry Dene and would like to have a video of it as a collection.
  • Peel mentions playing Wild Man Fischer's Merry-Go-Round record at home and his daughter Flossie heard it and immediately added it to her repertoire of songs and dances.
  • Peel plays a track from DJ D-Zire, who he mentions was on Snub TV.
  • Peel plays a 1972 track from Pure Prairie League, which he says has his favorite guitar note on it. He then plays a portion of it after the whole song.
  • Two tracks identified from HO John Peel 10 1989.



(Richard Skinner show with guest David Crosby trailer)
(JP: 'What a strange strange man, that was Wild Man Fischer from a double LP produced by Frank Zappa, An Evening With Wild Man Fischer, that was called Merry-Go-Round, as you probably realised and I only met Frank Zappa once and to be perfectly honest with you, wasn't terrifically impressed. I was supposed to be interviewing him, and all he did really was talk about accountancy by and large and how much money was he getting for this and so forth, but he may have mellowed since then, although I seriously doubt it, but he did say to me, he gave me a bit of a warning. He said you're the only person in the world that plays Wild Man Fischer's records on the radio just about and he said he's saving up the airfare to come over here and visit you and if he does come, you'll never get rid of him, he'll will be there forever, so at that point, I didn't play Wild Man Fishcher's records quite as much as I had been doing before.')
(Roger Scott trailer}
(JP: 'I was astonished during the week to discover that there is an Albanian Shop in London WC2 and they sent me an LP of Albanian music, so I could prepare myself and use spiritually for England's conflict with Albania a week from today and there's some appropriate songs on there, for example something called, Alas I Fell I Was Left Behind, which must be a footballing song, something too that maybe appropriate, Shepherds Sons Of We, another song called, You Fell In The Prime Of Your Youth, and one which maybe come appropriate should England do badly next Wednesday which is the Highlands Making Merry, but the most extraordinary one of all, one I'm going to play you, is something called Four Words About Eight Points, now if that's not a Football song, what is?.') [1]

Tracks marked 1 from File 1 etc


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  • 5) 020A-B4003XXXXXXX-0100A0
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  • 1) 46:40 (from 43:50)
  • 2) 45:52 (to 3:23)
  • 3) 1:39:19 (from 1:34:35)
  • 4) 1:35:31 (to 23:40)
  • 5) 1:01:06
  • 6) 0:56:38
  1. England beat Albania 2-0 for the World Cup football qualifiers on 8th March 1989.
  2. Italian release of Albanian folk music. The Italian translation of the Albanian 'Four Words About Eight Points.
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