• 1992-03-01
  • JP plays several tracks from the new Fall LP, 'Code:Selfish', which has just arrived in his office. He imagines that reviews will be along the lines of 'one for hardcore Fall enthusiasts only'.
  • One of the Fall tracks is a cover of a Hank Williams song Peel bought when he was young. He ends the show by playing both versions.



Part One

JP: "Thanks Andy - love the shirt. And here's a record, listeners, that gave Andy and I a great deal of pleasure last weekend - and this weekend as well, as a matter of fact." (missing from part one)
  • Tex Morton: 'Big Rock Candy Mountain' LP (compilation): Yodelling Crazy' (EMI)
JP: "In tonight's programme we've got sessions for you from Butterfly Child and the Frank and Walters, and even more important than that: tracks from the new LP by the Fall. This arrived just this very day by a process so complex that it would be pointless for me to try and describe it to you."
  • Fall: 'Birmingham School Of Business School (LP-Code:Selfish)' (Fontana)
  • Nirvana: 'School (live) (CD Single-Come As You Are)' (The David Geffen Company DGCS7)
JP: "That's on the CD version of 'Come As You Are', the present single which has been play-listed here at Radio One FM but in one of those curious categories where it's on the playlist but doesn't get played, I think. It's quite a zen-like thing. One of those things you can lie awake, perhaps for weeks, thinking about it."
  • File 4 ends here
  • File 5 begins here
  • Digital Excitation: Pure Pleasure (Repeat Until Mix) (12") R & S RSUK 10
  • Butterfly Child: Violin (session) not on File 1
  • Scrawl: 'Leather (EP)' (Simple Machines)
  • Abana Ba Nasery: 'Abakambi' CD: !Nursery Boys Go Ahead! · The Guitar & Bottle Kings Of Kenya (Globe Style CDORBD076)
  • (news at 11:30)
  • Wedding Present: 'Think That It Might' 7”: Three (RCA PB45181)
  • Ambassadors Of Swing: Weekend (12" - Rap Game) Kold Sweat KS EP 20
  • Frank & Walters: 'The World Carries On' (Peel Session)
  • Fall: 'Time Enough At Last (LP-Code:Selfish)' (Fontana)
  • Zero B: 'Eclipse (Warp 2) (12 inch-Remixes)' (Ffrreedom)
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  • Ivor Cutler: 'Birdswing (CD-Velvet Donkey)' (Virgin)

Part Two

  • Butterfly Child: 'Led Through The Mardi Gras' (Peel Session)
  • Yami Bolo: 'It's Not Surprising' (Groove Musik?Grove Music/Parson Pickney) 7” (pre-release)
  • Piss: 'Jasper (CD - Women's Liberation)' (Selfish)
  • Green Day: 'Private Ale' CD/LP: Kerplunk! (Lookout! LOOKOUT046)
  • Jacob's Mouse: 'The Vase' CD/LP: No Fish Shop Parking (Blithering Idiot/Southern BLIT001)
  • Outlander: 'Untitled (12 inch-TZ 5)' (R&S TZ 5)
  • Happy Flowers: 'I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone (EP-session)' (Homestead)
(JP: 'Sometimes, you know, I lie on the floor and wave my chubby little legs in the air with sheer frustration that the Happy Flowers no longer exist.')
  • Fall: 'Immortality (LP-Code:Selfish)' (Fontana)
  • Sly & Danny: 'Agony Dub' (Fashion)
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  • Frank & Walters: 'Happy Busman' (Peel Session)
  • John refers to the change in the programme's times (from Saturday-Sunday to Friday-Saturday).
  • Werefrogs: Forest Of Doves (12") (Ultimate TOPP007)

Part Three

(JP: 'Nothing, of course, to do with the Sunday newspaper that turned its back on me a few years ago, when I was their man in pop music.')
(JP (referring to the next track): 'Perhaps it'll recapture memories for some of you of beng chased out of fields by the local constabulary last summer.')

Part Three ends

(JP: "When I was a young lad, and as cute as you like frankly, there used to be a chart published in the Liverpool Echo every Saturday I think it was and they showed Liverpool's top three. It seemed to me at the time to be unusually conservative, and obviously there wasn't a great deal of movements in the charts... But whatever was at number two and number three, it seemed to me at the time that Hank Williams was always at number one. And so one afternoon I went into Curry's record shop and bought a Hank Williams record, just any Hank Williams record as it happened, and this was the one that I bought.")
  • Hank Williams: Just Waiting
  • Fall: Just Waiting (LP - Code: Selfish) Fontana
  • News at 2am.


  • Peel Show 1992-03-01 pts 1-3
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  • File 8: 1992-03-01 Peel Show L163b.mp3
  • File 9: 1992-03-01 Peel Show L100b.mp3
  • File 10: 1992-03-01 Peel Show Composite CB and L Tapes
  • Part 1 - 0:46:25
  • Part 2 - 0:46:31
  • Part 3 - 0:46:20
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  • File 10: 3:00:38
  1. 'Linga' means 'love'.
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