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  • 1993-05-01
  • L304 contains the first 12 minutes of the programme after 30 minutes of Andy Kershaw (who, at the very beginning of the file has a Peel-esque moment in which the CD he chose refuses to play).
  • JP reveals a vendetta against Dr. John and then quashes it by playing one of his records.



File a begins

File a ends

File b begins

File b ends File c begins

(JP: 'They were all there under the same roof and at the same time, and I disliked him so profoundly that I swore a spiteful little oath to myself that I would never play another one of his records as long as I lived – he was truly hateful at times. I am sure he’s mellowed since then. I mention all of this as I am now going to break this twenty year oath and play one of his records.')
(JP: 'I once made the mistake, it must have been about 15 or 20 years ago, of saying in the course of a programme that I was very tired, and I got a stroppy letter from someone saying, "You're not paid the huge sums of money that you're paid in order to be tired!," and I've sort of taken that to heart ever since. I've been reluctant to say, well I am tired, but this weekend has been a very testing and curious week, and I have been a little fatigued, but I hope this hasn't inhibited your enjoyment of the programme.')
  • Rollerskate Skinny: 'Bow Hitchhiker (10" EP-Trophy)' (Placebo)
  • JP finishes 30 seconds early and hands over to Lynn Parsons

File c ends


  • a) L304b
  • b) 1993-05-01 Peel Show L403 L432 L437 L443
  • c) 1993-05-01 JP L286
  • a) 00:12:17 (from 00:29:44 till end of file)
  • b) 02:16:13
  • c) 00:26:44
  • a) File created from L304 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by Bill.
  • b) File created from L403 L432 L437 and L443 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by SB.
  • c) File created from L286 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  1. JP erroneously attributes this to Mister Mo, probably as it is described as Ancient galactic music decoded and restored for 4th Dimension by mister Mo on the sleeve/label.
  2. John is not sure if he's played the right track.