• 2002-05-01
  • Start of show: “Hello, listeners. We’re down at Maida Vale. I think this is going to be one of those programmes in a few years’ time you brag to your mates that you were listening to it.” JP enjoys the show so much he partly loses his voice in the course of it.
  • Before the band's set, Peel says (whispers) that the Datsuns were “shit hot” in rehearsal. Highly enthusiastic about their performance afterwards as well: "I don't want to go all corporate on you, but do you get anything this good on any of those other crap stations that you're sometimes tempted to listen to? I think you don't."
  • Part two of the Pig's Big 78 will be played the following evening.
  • Plays Simple Minds track, “a great favourite of mine from whenever it was”, after reading in a paper that the band are suddenly hip again in California.
  • A Clifford T Ward track from 1973 is played as Samurai Seven will cover the song in tomorrow night’s session.



  1. Fink For The Man
  2. Lady
  3. Harmonic Generator
  4. Super Gyration
  5. Freeze Sucker
  6. Transistor
  7. Good Night Now (Cheap Trick)
  1. It's Alright
  2. Hip Check
  3. Sunday Drive
  4. Bello Amore
  5. Don't Tell Me
  6. Grounded
  7. Twine Time
  8. I'll Show You Why
(JP: “I think I can hardly convey to you in words how wonderful it is to be doing programmes like this.”)


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  • 02:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
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