• 1979-11-01
  • Show intro is missing.
  • Peel recalls meeting the Cure at this year's Reading Festival, for which he acted as the compere.
  • Madame X of the New York Blondes was rumoured to be Debbie Harry of Blondie.
  • More records from Scandinavia (Mean Ones, Ebba Grön, Kriminella Gitarrer). See 29 October 1979.
  • Peel explains the spiritual deity Snibri that he and John Walters worship - "the god of small coincidences which work to your advantage".
  • A terrible Britt Ekland pun accompanies the second of the Swedish records, for which Peel subsequently apologises: "I'm after a morning programme to be honest with you. So, this is your hairy cup of cocoa coming down the A45 from Bury St Edmunds..."



(intro missing)

JP: "If the Dodgems themselves had disappeared after writing that song, they'd have contributed more to our lives I think than most people do in a lifetime."
  • Cure: Jumping Someone Else's Train (7") Fiction
JP: "Well I suppose really when it comes right down to it, it's the train bit that does it, but it's a very good single for all that and I must try and persuade some of the other lads to play it if I can, because I think it would be good to hear that on daytime radio."

(tape flip)

JP: "This next record - I keep hoping that people will write in and request it, and they haven't done yet. So I shall keep playing it until you do request it."
JP: "(Adopts cheesy DJ voice) For those of you who'd rather hear lady of Spain, here's Les Paul!"
News at midnight read by James Alexander Gordon.


  • 1979-11-01 John Peel Radio 1.flac
  • 01:59:55
  • T171 of the 400 Box
  • Complete show apart from short gap where tape flips happen.
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