• 1995-09-01
  • The show features live recordings from the Reading Festival by AC Acoustics [1] and Flying Saucer Attack.
  • JP conclusively quashes the rumour that he has done a voiceover for a Pepperami advertisement.
  • John astutely notices that the Cars Get Crushed LP plays at 45 rpm, adding, "You don't catch an old professional like me." Then proceeds to play the wrong record: "That'll teach me to be cocky."
  • Three recordings are available. The first (a) includes the last 90 minutes of the broadcast. The second recording (b) includes the whole show. The third contains selected dance/international tracks.


  • No sessions as such but live sets by AC Acoustics and Flying Saucer Attack, recorded at the previous week's Reading Festival, are broadcast. The AC Acoustics set is available on the remastered 'Victory Parts' 2xCD on One Little Indian.  No known commercial releases for the FSA tracks.


  1. Sister Grab Operator
  2. Stunt Girl
  3. I Messiah Am Jailer
  4. Hammerhead
  5. Continuity Freak
(JP: 'He's one of the very few people I see around the building, you know, during the weekend, Kevin Greening. Rather a nice bloke. When you see him wandering about, you wouldn't think he was like that, if you see what I mean. Odd, really.')
  1. Soaring High
  2. Wish
  3. Standing Stone
(JP: 'I have a confession to make to you actually, but some of you may have done something similar over the years. Whenever a record came out by the Adult Net, I would listen to it most carefully, A and B sides or LP, all the way through, in the hope that I would hear Mark E. Smith carolling away in the background. [2] Well, I never did, as far as I knew anyway, but then I got a letter from a mate in Germany, and he pointed out that in fact, on the B side of a single called 'White Night (Stars Say Go)'-you may know this already, I'm sure a great number of you do, but I was unaware of this until this very week-there's a song called 'Naughty Or Nice', and you have to sit through, well I suppose "sit through"'s a bit unfair, but there are four minutes of it anyway before Mark E. Smith is indeed heard, and until this week, I'd never heard of this. I must have listened to this, but got bored of the track after two or three minutes and though, "Well, it's not on this one," and gone on to other things. So, just in case you missed it as well, and I bet some of you did, here it is.')


  • (a) Peel Show 1995-09-01 (incomplete)
  • (b) Peel Show 1995-09-01
  • (c) Dat_093_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • d) 1995-08-xx-09-xx Peel Show LE240
  • e) 1995-09-xx Peel Show LE241
  • (a) 01:30:59
  • (b) 02:58:38
  • (c) 04:03:55 (from 00:21:45 to 01:25:02)
  • d) 1:10:20 (from 1:09:40)
  • e) 1:33:33 (to 44:16)
  1. The song 'Absent Luck Liner' is not broadcast, although it is mentioned by John when he reads out the titles of the tracks played. He has spotted that he has more titles than tracks played when he says, "Frankly the mathematics don't seem to work but I'll give you the titles I was given."
  2. Since Mark E. and Brix Smith were at one time a married couple.
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