• 1980-04-02
  • (JP: 'I've never done any computer dating, but when I lived in America as you can imagine I used to have to go on a lot of blind dates. And it used to destroy me for weeks the look of disappointment that used to cross people's faces when you go up and say, "hi, I'm John" (sharp intake of breath). Well, I couldn't do it again, that's for sure.')
  • Current version is incomplete, comprising 45 minutes of the two-hour show. This show is not listed as part of the 400 Box. File name incorrectly has this show as being from the day before.
  • Vapors session tracks now available in stereo. John's intro to "Turning Japanese" survives, the others are music only.
  • Peel plays a sequence of two favourite tracks from the hippy era, with similar titles - "Gold And Silver", an instrumental by Quicksilver Messenger Service (their take on Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"), and Country Joe & The Fish's song "Silver And Gold".
  • Hinton Box recording is pause-button, adds a few tracks not previously available and captures the end of the show (almost). These are marked §.



An intro to show is available on 11 June 1981 (John Walters) though it is not clear whether this was an outtake for a recorded show, a spoof intro, or as broadcast.... [1]

  • (JP: "Phillip Goodhand-Tait and the Stormsville Shakers could not have done it better.") @
  • Revillos: Scuba Scuba (7") (Dindisc DIN Z16) @ (start of track missing)
  • Tubeway Army: 'Me I Disconnect From You' (Peel Session) § @

Files b and c begin

(JP: 'Fancy having a lead singer who can sing at the wrong speed! That's some Vincent Price rock for you....the other side's good, actually.') §
(JP: 'For no particular reason at all, and perhaps you haven't noticed, perhaps you're enjoying yourself immensely, but this seems to me to be one of those programmes that hasn't really quite got off the ground, and no disrespect intended to our guests. But are we downhearted?')

Files b and c end


  • a) BH013 JP 1980-04-02 Side B
  • b) 010480.mp3
  • c) Peel Show 1980-04-02 (incomplete)
  • d) 1980-04-02 JLP027 JLP028.mp3

  • a) 00:37:28
  • b) 00:46:17
  • c) 00:46:17
  • d) 00.31.19 (to 5:03 unique)
  • a) File created from BH013 of the Hinton Box. Many thanks to Brian and Colin. Slightly subfusc stereo.
  • b) Source is slightly distorted FM mono, and file name indicates wrong date.
  • c) Re-up by SIG. Re-encoded to 128 kbps, file name corrected, single mono double-tracked.
  • d) Created from JLP027 and JLP028.

  1. An outtake would seem to fit the known facts (see 03 April 1980 for confirmation that this show was pre-recorded). If the show was opened with the number 10 record in the current charts, this would have been either "King" or "Food For Thought" by UB40 - JLP
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