• 1990-12-02
  • Tape includes the first two hours of the three hour show.
  • The Peel Sessions (Garner, K., BBC Books, 2007, p. 232) states the sessions for this date to be Bleach and a Teenage Fanclub repeat (with Paris Angels broadcast the previous evening).


  • Bleach, #1. Recorded 1990-11-20. No known commercial release. Tracks missing from tape: "Wipe It Away" and "Dipping".
  • Paris Angels, #1 (repeat). Recorded 1990-08-26. 'Stay' originally released on New Season: The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFRCD025). Track missing from tape: "Smile".


Part One

  • Main Source: 'Watch Roger Do His Thing' (12" Single) Wild Pitch
  • The Three Johns: 'Smash Time' (LP 'Eat Your Sons') Tupelo
  • Cocoa Tea: 'Oil Ting Dub' (12" Single) Greensleeves @
  • Bleach: 'Jingle' (Peel Session)
  • Bleach: 'Fall' (Peel Session)
  • Walk-Ins: 'Fall' (LP 'The Fifth Season') Good Weather
  • JP: "And you're probably thinking to yourself, the great pudding is not going to play two tracks called "Fall" and then follow them by a track by The Fall. Surely not, .... you underestimate me."
  • The Fall: 'High Tension Line' (12" Single) Cog Sinister
  • Deutsch Englische Freundschaft: 'Grace' (Single) One Little Indian @
  • Nirvana: 'Sliver' (Single) Sub Pop
  • Little Caesar & The Romans: 'Those Oldies But Goodies' (?) @
  • Gallon Drunk: 'Gallon Drunk' (Single) Clawfist
  • Lakim Shabazz: 'No Justice No Peace' (LP 'Lost Tribe Of Shabazz') Tough City @
  • Paris Angels: 'Stay' (Peel Session)
  • Rancid Hell Spawn: 'Zombie Girl' (LP 'Chain-saw Masochist') Wrench #
  • JP: "The main reason I can't speak properly tonight is because I'm having those injections that Madonna is supposed to be having to make my lips that little bit luscious than they are already."
  • Gene Vincent with the Blue Caps: 'Git It (LP-A Gene Vincent Record Date)' (Capitol)
  • Deep C: 'African Reign' (12" Single) M&G (continues after tape flip)

Part Two

  • Bleach: 'Seeing' (Peel Session)
  • Datblygu: 'Country & Welsh' (LP 'Pyst')
  • Nexus 21: 'Together' (Progressive Logic EP) Network @
  • Phil Flowers: 'The Dances' (LP 'Black Rock'n'Roll Volume 4)
  • 70 Gwen Party: 'Christfire' (LP 'Devil Wrapped & Ginsung Buried') Snape (announced as "Christtire")
  • Fishmonkeyman: 'If I've Told You Once' (12" EP) Furious Fish
  • First Offence: 'Tell 'Em What You Like' (Single) Blip
  • Paris Angels: 'Scope' (Peel Session)
  • Jody Reynolds: 'Endless Sleep' (Single) Demon
  • The Pain Teens: 'Lady Of Flame' (LP 'Born In Blood') Trance Syndicate Records
  • Jackofficers: 'LA Momma Peanut Butter' (LP 'Digital Dump') Naked Brain
  • Coo Coo Rockin' Time: 'Jenny Left A Record Album Locked In A Car In 1989' (LP 'Coo Coo Party Time')
  • Paris: 'Scarface Groove' (LP 'The Devil Made Me Do It) (tape cut-off before end of track)

end of File 2


  • 1) 1990-12-02 John Peel BBC Radio 1.mp3
  • 2) 1990-11-xx-12-xx Peel Show LE090
  • 3) best of peel vol 17 part 2 (with introductions)
  • 1) 2:05:20
  • 2) 1:36:36 (25:58-48:34, 59:43-1:15:04) (1:05:39 on unique)
  • 3) 47:07 (26:54-36:01) (from 29:02 unique)
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