• 1985-01-02
  • Show is now complete.
  • File a is in AM, from the Box 400 tapes, and has been ripped out of order. Details in tracklisting below.
  • Files b and c are in FM quality.
  • File d is FM quality from the Gumtree Tapes and includes tracks not on files b or c. Tracks marked #
  • Mentions that one of his resolutions is to enjoy himself more in 1985, but has made a great start by having earache.
  • Has been told by John Walters to mention that he has won the Sounds DJ poll. Thanks people who voted for him.
  • Says he very nearly saw Frank Chickens at Hull University before Christmas but kept on getting hemmed in by people “called Hartley asking what is Morrissey really like” that he didn’t get a chance to listen to them, eventually leaving “in a temper and a small car.”
  • Triffids track is from an Australian compilation of radio sessions brought back for Peel from Down Under by Johnny Beerling (head of Radio One, 1985-93). Peel mentions that Walters has told him the Triffids are on the cover of that week's NME. On a related note, Peel also plays a single by The Apartments that was released on the same Australian label as early Triffids records.
  • Ends show with “I Am A Lonesome Fugitive”, which he says he always has to sing to his children when they are going anywhere. The song was later included in posthumous John Peel – A Tribute double CD.
  • News: Ian Botham out on bail after being arrested on suspicion of drug possession.



(midnight news)


  • a) 1985-01-02 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete)
  • b) Juggernauts / Onward International
  • c) THE PEEL SESSIONS: The Inspiration behind patestapes.
  • d) John Peel 1985-01-02 gw
  • 1:42:53
  • 0:46:27
  • 0:43:01
  • 0:24:13
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