• 1989-01-02
  • During the first Culture track, Andy Kershaw phoned in to say it is their third session, not the second, for the programme. However, this does not appear to be correct.
  • Peel starts playing the Metro Farce track at 45 rpm, as the label directs. "I don't think that can possibly be right. Perhaps it's some kind of obscure Japanese joke". He starts it again at 33 rpm, afterwards declaring, "speed's kind of optional on that one".


  • Carcass session #1. Recorded 1988-12-13. Available on The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
  • Culture session #2. Recorded 1988-11-22. No known commercial release.


JP: "I don't know how you felt about the Festive Fifty... but I was disappointed with it by and large, not because I didn't like the records in there, although there were one or two that I wouldn't have voted for myself I have to confess, but mainly because it was just so predictable. I knew what was going to win really before I even started doing it and that's not the way it should be, I think."
JP: "Well that is unquestionably what my chum Bruno Brookes would refer to as 'the business'."
JP: "Is it too soon to nominate this as the session of the year?"
JP: "And here's another new band from Sub Pop records ..."
JP: "...and of course, older viewers will know there was an earlier Nirvana ... and back in 1967, when I used to do a programme called Top Gear on Radio One (pre-FM of course), this used to get played a great deal."


  • 1) JP19890102.part1.rar
  • 2) JP19890102.part2.rar
  • 3) john peel 2 Jan 1989 mw.mp3
  • 1-2) 2:02:56
  • 3) 1:59:11
  • 1-2) Many thanks to ray-b2 for sharing this show.
  • 3) Many thanks to Tim
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