• 1969-07-02
  • Full tracklisting from the PasB of the BBC Written Archives Centre.
  • This one-hour show broadcast between 8.15 and 9.15pm was one of Peel's "son of Night Ride" programs.
  • Peel has poetry according to the PasB from Mike Chapman, who is not the same person as Michael Chapman. (See the Night Ride Poets page for information on the poet).  Due to the confusing titles on the PasB, I had thought Sputnik was a pseudonym of a poet, but it turns out to be a poem title.
  • There is a session from blues singer/pianist Otis Spann (1924-1970), known for his work with Muddy Waters and other noted blues artists as well as for his solo work. The show's studio guests also have blues connections; blues historian Paul Oliver, whose book The Story Of The Blues had just been published, and Mike Cooper, who was known at the time as a country blues revivalist, but developed his own style and did eight sessions for Peel between 1968 and 1975.
  • Peel also plays tracks from debut albums by Yes and John McLaughlin, and one from a rare EP by Anne Briggs.
  • Peel plays only 1 minute of the Water Music by experimental electronic musician Tod Dockstader (the full composition lasts 18 minutes).




  • Tracklisting only.
  1. The PasB calls the track Industrial Pollution; the original title of a track on their 1969 Uncle Meat album was Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution, although it was listed as "400 Days of the Year" on the label of early copies of the original vinyl release. Presumably the title had been corrected on the copy Peel had.
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