• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1993-07-02
  • '....Thanks Claire'
  • The Phantom Fifty finally reaches number one.
  • John is surprised to learn that part of the show has been also been broadcast on BBC Radio 5.


  • Polvo #2. Session recorded 26 May 1993. No known commercial release.
  • Werefrogs #2. Repeat, first broadcast 6 March 1993. Session recorded 8 February 1993. No known commercial release.


(JP: ‘Solo tour coming up for Polly Harvey before the end of the year. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the group though. PJ Harvey, Wan Dang Doodle. Originally recorded for this programme of course. Broadcast a couple of times in session, but that fact not acknowledged anywhere on the record, said he bitterly. Rather an abrupt handover actually from the previous programme just to demonstrate what a kind of no nonsense guy I am.’)
  • Yami Bolo: ‘Ghetto Youthman Have To Make It (7 inch)’ (Yam Euphony Music)
  • Orbital: ‘Monday (2xLP – Orbital 2)’ (Internal)
  • Polvo: 'Watch The Nail' (Peel Session)
(JP: ‘Do love those boys, yeah even unto the third and fourth generation.’)
(JP: Abrupt to the point of rudeness.’)
(11.30 news)
(JP: ‘In 1969 that meant more to me than just about any other record I think. What a bright eyed merry little scamp I was then too.’)
(JP: 'Actually, I always end up sitting on the stairs at parties, which may be why I don't get invited to very many these days.')

1991 Festive Fifty

(JP: ‘I know there are those citizens who now pretend they never liked Nirvana at all. That is a great record by any standard. So I look forward to the new LP a great deal. Number one in the Phantom Fifty, Smells Like Teen Spirit of course. And I just hope the new LP hasn’t been too de-albinified, because obviously I like the stuff he does as well.’)
(12:30 news)
(JP: ‘ In these increasingly grim times you really need stuff like that don’t you? That’s Polvo in session.’)
(1:30 news)
(JP: Lynn Parsons, who will be with you in something like 27 minutes, has just told me that Radio 5 listeners have been with us for the past hour or so. So a belated hi! boys and girls. Apparently there’s some rugby match later on. Is this the case some rugby match later on? [He asks Lynn Parsons, who in the background replies “The Lions and the All Blacks”.] The Lions and the All Blacks. I’m not much of a one for rugby football I’m ashamed to say. There you go half the listeners straight away.’)
(JP: ‘...that’s it from me tonight. Tomorrow night’s sessions come from Rollerskate Skinny and Superchunk. Thanks for listening, over to you Lynn.’)


  • Peel Show 1993-07-02
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  • Many thanks to the taper.