• 1980-06-02
  • Tracklisting below is courtesy of the John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information.[1]
  • Full tracklisting also available courtesy of Tishbriz's John Peel Book at Flickr. Many thanks to Tishbriz for sharing the information.[2]
  • Two from longtime favourite LP by Misty.
  • Early plays for Thompson Twins, Comsat Angels, Young Marble Giants and Birthday Party.
  • Peel apparently mentions that the Righteous Brothers single is from 1964, so presumably he plays the US release.
  • Aller Vaerst were from Norway.
  • Johnny Dodds (final track of the night) was a Dixieland clarinetist who played with Louis Armstrong (on the classic Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings), King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton, among others. Note likely link to the previous track. "Bucktown Stomp" (the probable title) was a favourite of Humphrey Lyttleton, who discusses it in his book The Best of Jazz, a Penguin edition of which was published in 1980. Lyttleton describes "the elaborate runs in which Dodds seems to take his inspiration not from standard clarinet practice but from the more angular contortions of the blues guitarists. The electric guitar inhabited the realms of science fiction when Dodds recorded his finest solos in the Twenties, so there is something prophetic in the similarity between the introductory break in "Bucktown Stomp" and the wild, heavily vocalised wailing of a modern blues guitarist like B.B. King." (1980 Penguin edition, p. 192)
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  • Chelsea: 'Look At The Outside (7")' (Step Forward) § @
(JP: 'The Chelseas: it's been out a while now, actually. The first time we've played it, though: such is life, you know.') §
(JP: 'If only I felt, even for the most meagre portion of a moment, that that was true.') §


  • 1) BH015 JP 1980-06-02 Side A
  • 1) 00:45:32
  • 1) File created from BH015 of the Hinton Box. Many thanks to Brian and Colin.
  • 2) File to be created from JLP085 and JLP086 - upload forthcoming
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