• 2004-03-02
  • This night's show comes from Peel Acres.
  • JP: "Before I go any further, this doesn't really relate to Radio One so much as to Radio Two, but I'd like to say - I'm a bit late with this as well, I know - but how great it is to hear Johnnie Walker back on the radio. Really, one of the good guys, no question about it. So should you be listening to this Johnnie, it's good to have you back."
  • The Secret Hairdresser session track "A Peelogy Apology", as listed on the BBC Peel site [1] was intended for use on the programme as a content warning about bad language. Unfortunately, as Peel explains, it wasn't felt suitable for broadcast: "The Secret Hairdresser had recorded for us a little disclaimer, a spoken disclaimer followed by a little song. But as so many people have done who entered our competitions, they did a lot of swearing in the course of the disclaimer. Obviously there are no ground rules and we really don't quite know what it is that we're supposed to do, but the suspicion is that this is rather contrary to the spirit of the thing."
  • A video of A Peelogy Apology can be seen here.
  • At the current count, Peel says that he owns 46 Fall albums, not counting 5 extra ones he'd bought that week.


  • Secret Hairdresser. Only session, recorded 17 February 2004. No known commercial release.


Content disclaimer read by Mark from East Kilbride.
JP: "That started like something recorded for use in ear, nose and throat clinics."


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