• 2001-05-02
  • Start of show: "Evening."
  • John claims that the Misty In Roots LP he plays a track from is probably his favourite of all time, and wonders what they're doing now.


  • Spare Snare, #3. Recorded 2001-04-29. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Ricardo Autobahn: not, I suspect, the name he was given at the house. He'd be in the garden if it was up to me.')
(JP: 'Terry Wogan won a Sony award for his use of the webcam, so we're trying to cash in on this. We've got Lynn, the office junior, and Natasha, the former trainee...We're going to try and do something for our webcam. They look like they're kind of 'Militant Lesbians Invade The Studio' thing at the moment. I don't think it's going to work, to be perfectly honest.'
(JP: 'My experience of Misty In Roots, the best ever, was at a gig at the University in Colchester. It was a genuinely spiritual night, and I'm not a spiritual man. I've loved Misty ever since then...and would genuinely like to know where they are at the moment and what they're doing.')
(JP: 'I grew a beard when I was 27, 34 years ago. You can't imagine that it's possible, but I shaved it off about 15 years later, and I'm sure I've told this before. I was bored one evening waiting for the programme at Radio 1, when it was in the previous building that it was in, and shaved it off, and as I stared into the mirror, a kind of awful fusion between my mother and Mussolini emerged from behind the beard. It was a great shock to my system: I wasn't a great-looking bloke at 27, but kind of vaguely human, and as I shaved off the beard, this complete stranger emerged from behind it, and it was genuinely unsettling. When I got home, the Pig actually screamed, and urged me to grow it back as quickly as possible, which I did, and I've not shaved it off since. God alone knows what I look like underneath it now, but I'd prefer not to discover.')
(JP: 'As I say, thanks for listening.')


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