• 1991-11-02
  • File 1 contains the first 94 minutes complete. File a and b and c are mainly the rock/indie/guitar tracks from the show, created from the SL Tapes. File a starts at the beginning of the show (in very muddy sound), though this improves after Howlin' Wolf. Tracks on file a marked ¶ to distinguish from the complete file. File d contains dance/electronic tracks (marked §) and File (e) contains a further dance track also marked §, created from L013 of the SL Tapes.
  • The splicing of the dance tracks back into the running order is slightly speculative though the edits on the rock tracks match the number of dance tracks, and the odd track or intro appears on both rock and dance streams.


  • Foreheads In A Fishtank, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1991-07-07. No known commercial release.
  • Katch 22, one and only session. Recorded 1991-09-17. No known commercial release.


File 1

  • Midway Still: 'Wish (7")' (Roughneck Recording Company) ¶
  • Howling Wolf: 'Down In The Bottom (CD-Moaning And Howling)' (Chess) (JP: 'Most peculiar sound on that, it sounded like Howling Wolf had phoned the vocals in in some way. ... That's the miracle of CDs for you...Never sounded anything like that on vinyl.')
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils: 'All Over My Face (7")' (Play It Again Sam) § ¶
  • Katch 22: 'Minefield' (Peel Session) § ¶
  • Bad Livers: 'Lust For Life (7")' (Fist Puppet)
  • Gallon Drunk: Rolling Home (12"-Some Fools Mess)' (Clawfist) ¶
(JP: 'Green vinyl followed by purple...I think I'm going to be sick.')

File b begins

(JP: 'Something happened to me at the start of the week that was quite wonderful. One of those things that makes you feel really .....') not on file b

File 1 cuts out

File b ends

File c starts

File c ends

  • Earl 16: Natural Roots § from file e


  • (1) John Peel 19911102 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • (a) 1991-11-02 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete) L028~
  • (b) L050.1
  • (c) L050.2
  • (d) L013b
  • (e) L013a (first 4 mins only, continues with several tracks from Andy Kershaw, then on to 03 November 1991.)
  • (f) C177 The Peel Tapes Vol.16
  • (1) 01:34:41
  • (a) 00:46:32
  • (b) 00:47:01
  • (c) 00:44:54 (to 12:47)
  • (d) 00:43:48 (unique content from 00:19:33)
  • (e) 00:44:35 (to 00:03:45)
  • (f) 1:31:57 (22:24-31:46) (to 26:15 unique)
  • File (a) created from L028 of the SL Tapes. Many thanks to RF for the rip.
  • File (b) created from L050a of the SL Tapes. Many thanks to Bill for the rip.
  • File (c) created from L050b of the SL Tapes. Many thanks to Bill for the rip.
  • Files (d) and (e) created from L013 of the SL Tapes. Many thanks to Roger.
  • File (f) Many thanks to mr_maudlin The Peel Tapes Vol. 16
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