• 1992-10-02
  • The very start of the show appears to be missing but the tracks are now available from mixtapes. The first Shonen Knife session track ('Get The Wow') also seems to be absent. The current files add up to around 175 minutes. The news breaks have been edited out.
  • In the past week, Peel and family have been to see Pavement at the Junction, Cambridge - “and extremely good they were too.”
  • Sessions includes a repeat of the Chumbawamba cover versions debut: “There was a certain amount of debate over this. People wrote in and said that they perceived the session and the tunes that Chumawumba chose to do as being some kind of comment on the nature of these programmes. And that may be so frankly, but I thought it was quite an amusing idea and continue to think it was quite an amusing idea, so I shall press along with that and not get sulky or anything. It doesn’t matter to me whether it was or not. I enjoyed it.”
  • Two tracks are played from the Wawali Bonane LP. JP is so enthusiastic after the first that he nearly plays it again, but he holds out and plays a different one later in the show.
  • Peel is heading off to mainland Europe and will be doing inserts for other programmes in the next week. His own shows the following weekend (09 October 1992 and 10 October 1992) are from Berlin and the one the following Friday (16 October 1992) is due to be live from Budapest.
  • Says he had been planning to play only records from 1967 in the current weekend’s programmes, as part of Radio One’s 25th anniversary celebrations, but decided there were too many good new releases.


  • Shonen Knife #2 First broadcast. Recorded 1992-09-01. No known commercial release.
  • Chumbawamba #1 Repeat. First broadcast 21 August 1992. Recorded 1992-08-02. No known commercial release.


File L131a starts here at 11:11pm

(JP: Well, this among other things…)
(11.30 news)
(JP: 'This is another one from Shonen Knife.')

File L129b starts here

(JP: '…a certain amount of rejoicing at Peel Acres – the tenth single of the year from the Wedding Present…')
(JP: 'Well, certainly a curious session, no doubt about that.')'
(JP: 'And it’s not often you get a cover of a John Fahey song, but…')

File L131b starts here

(In the Rebellious Jukebox section of the current NME, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes had chosen the following Jimmy Reed track as one of the records that changed his life - his parents had each owned it when they got married.)
(1am news)

File d starts here

(JP: 'Another prodigal return, after a year dabbling with Progressive Rock...')
(John played the wrong side of the last record)

File d ends: file e begins

(JP: 'The next track is a record that upsets me every time I hear it, so if it's followed immediately by the last one by Shonen Knife, you will know its upset me again.')
(JP: 'I've been on the go since half past five yesterday morning, so if I’ve been a bit subdued tonight, that’s why.')

File e ends, as does the show


  • (a) Peel 1992-10-02a (L131a)
  • (b) Peel 1992-10-02b (L129b)
  • (c) Peel 1992-10-02c (L131b)
  • (d) 1992-10-02 Peel Show L171.mp3
  • (e) 1992-10-02 JP L275
  • 1) John Peel tape no.25 side a
  • 2) John Peel tape no.25 side a
  • 3) john-peel-48b-1992
  • (a) 00:35:02
  • (b) 00:41:43
  • (c) 00:34:11
  • (d) 00:37:05
  • (e) 00:16:28
  • 1) 46:25 (to 6:24 unique)
  • 2) 46:00 (to 43:50)
  • 3) 46:25 (from 3:23) (3:23-14:00 unique)
  1. "Although it wasn't officially released til 93 and in 92 was only released as a 500 white label, so Peel appears to have his finger on the pulse." (ML)
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