• 2003-10-02
  • Show is broadcast from Peel Acres.
  • After playing the PJ Harvey song, JP comments, 'She remains a goddess, of course'. As if to prove it, he plays 35 seconds of the track again by mistake. He also speculates that 'Crawl Home' might be released as a single (it was released soon after).
  • After playing Sonny Boy Williamson, he regrets that the LP copy he has is damaged: A listener later offers to give him another if he dedicates a record. Which he proceeds to do.
  • The Four Seasons track is played to answer a listener's query. The same listener requests some Cinerama (also satisfied).
  • In replying to a listener's e-mail, he is unusually forthright on the subject of the Festive Fifty: "I think about it most of the year round, really, and try to work out how I can get out of doing it!...Last year's Festive Fifty, I didn't enjoy it because I knew, although obviously I couldn't identify the records that were affected in this way, but there was a lot of kind of exhortation on the Internet and stuff to vote for certain tracks...The Festive Fifty, in kind of showbiz and in terms of record sales and the record industry, means absolutely bugger all, and it's a pity that people try and rig it, but I mean I've been aware of the fact that people have done on previous occasions: so every year, I think to myself, "Let's not bother to do it this year", and then somebody comes along and says, 'Oh, you've got to do it'."
  • The track from The Way We Live (ie Tractor) is played to mark the forthcoming Dandelion Records event in Shrewsbury this weekend (see also 01 October 2003).



Plays same track again by mistake (Wrong Track Moment)
Starts playing the LP track 'Green Eyed Loco-Man' instead of the intended. (Wrong Track Moment)
JP: "Let me tell you that in 1958, that came out of your radio like that thing out of John Hurt's chest in the Alien."


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