• 1992-04-03
  • Since the original 46 minute file was shared, another 36 minutes from the beginning of the show have appeared (L066).
  • Since the above para, two further segments of shows have been discovered on L145, one of which slots in between the elements above, and the other, after a slight overlap with the end of the 46 minute file, takes us to the end of the show.


  • Mo Tucker, one and only session. Recorded 1992-02-18. No known commercial release.
  • Shonen Knife, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1991-12-08. No known commercial release.


File a starts

(JP: 'You know something? It's really intimidating following Tommy Vance. I mean, have you ever heard him make any mistakes at all? Everything is timed to the second: it's seamless!')
(JP: 'I shouldn't have done this of course, but during the week I was copying the four singles from this year so far onto a tape so that I could listen to them in the car, and they really represent a substantial body of work, I think, and those people who've written the band off have got it well wrong, in my estimation.')
  • Mo Tucker: 'Blew All The Way To Canada' (Peel Session)
  • Cobra: 'Live Together (7")' (Charm)
(JP: 'This next one's for Gavin Morgan, who appeared on Fifteen To One in a Hole T-shirt last week: got into the last three as well, but didn't win.')
(JP: 'Sorry you didn't win, Gavin, but the shirt looked great.')
(JP: 'As I mentioned last week, I'm desperately trying to find a record. It's a song that I know Little Richard did, and it's a cover version of it, and I can't remember the artist. I'm working my way through my singles collection in the hope of finding it, and so far, well, I'm still in the Bs actually, and came up with this during the week.')

File a ends File b cuts in during next track after an unknown gap

File b ends
File c starts

File e starts

(JP: 'Perhaps one of these weeks we should go absolutely mad and have an entire programme of train songs.’)
  • Papa Wemba: Lingo Lingo (CD - Le Voyageur) Real World Records
  • Greenhouse: 'History (LP – Denser)' (Nativ)
(JP: ‘The lord of the insensitive segue strikes again.’)
(JP: 'Now if you and I had met in the street yesterday and you had said to me, "Hey fatso, have you got a copy of the Bronner Brothers' Hold Onto God’s Unchanging Hand?," I would have said to you, "No, I do not" - but as a matter of fact I do. I found it yesterday and it's rather good. The guitaring at the end of it is particularly fine.')

File c ends
File d starts

File e ends

File d and show end


  • a) 1992-04-03 JP L066
  • b) 1992-04-03 Peel Show L145a
  • c) 1992-04-03 Peel Show L267
  • d) 1992-04-03 Peel Show L145b
  • e) Peel Show 1992-04-03 (incomplete)
  • a) 00:35:40
  • b) 00:39:51
  • c) 00:45:17
  • d) 00:42:51
  • e) 00:46:23
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