• 1981-08-03
  • JP: "I'm very pleased that one or two people at least over the weekend have written in to enquire about my finger. If you weren't listening to the programmes last week, in one of those acts of blinding stupidity which occur hopefully only once in a lifetime, I stuck it into a lawnmower when the blades were rotating and it took the top off. I had it knitted back on again and I had the bandage changed today, for those of you who are interested in this... When they changed the bandage I must admit it didn't look too terribly healthy. It's all sort of grey and putrescent at the end of it and going black around the edges."
  • Peel states that the Bee Gees cover by City Centre "went down a storm at Peel Acres when I was listening to new singles over the weekend."
  • The weekend did not bring John much luck in his attempts to see live bands. On Friday evening he'd driven to Colchester to see Misty In Roots. On arrival, he discovered that the band had decided not to play the gig due to a disagreement with the promoter. On Saturday evening he'd travelled to Northampton to see the Birthday Party (a gig listed in the NME) but found that the published information was incorrect when he got there.



JP: "I was listening to some tapes of these programmes from last week and I decided I talk too much. So tonight, the hits keep coming."


  • 1981-08-03 Peel Show DB247.mp3
  • 1:34:48
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