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  • 1979-12-03
  • Six tracks from the forthcoming Clash LP 'London Calling' are in the show. Despite indicating that he is only allowed to play these six tracks this week, by Thursday's show (05 December 1979) the embargo seems to have been lifted.
  • The John Peel roadshow did its pentultimate pre-Christmas gig over the weekend in Norwich.
  • Mike Read can be heard in the background in the studio.
  • Peel says he found some time to watch television over the weekend and states that Natalia from 'Secret Army' (played by actress Juliet Hammond) is his new tv favourite.
  • Plays Siouxsie & The Banshees track for a young lady who attended his gig at Liverpool University a couple of weeks before, who kissed him on his bald spot and has now written.
  • The artist known as Honey Bane (ex-Fatal Microbes) has been in touch, asking if Peel can help her recruit a band for a tour.
  • Peel starts playing the b-side of the debut Delta 5 single before realising and flipping it over. He blames the lack of markings on the label.
  • He reads out a trail for tomorrow evening's 'Personal Call' (with "Simon Beast, OBE") which features the Barron Knights.


Released on 'The Jam At The BBC' (Polydor, 2002).


JP: "Evening, pals of mine. This is that rare and terrible thing, a programme without the Beat or the Undertones. But I can offer you a session from the Jam, six tracks from the forthcoming 'London Calling' LP by the Clash and various works by former Sex Pistols. A pretty neat programme, I think you'll agree. Incidentally, I was lying about the Undertones."
JP: "Very partial to that indeed."
  • Jam: Saturday's Kids (session)
  • Cairo: I Like Bluebeat (7") Absurd
  • Muhammed Al-Ezabi: عيون بهية (short extract)
  • Noise Toys: Pocket Money (split 7" with Arthur 2 Stroke) Anti-Pop Entertainmenterama
  • Passions: Hunted (7") Fiction
  • N***** Kojak: Penitentiary (single) N***** Kojak[1]
JP: "This next is from an EP from a band called Wasteland... They put my name on the little sleeve because they felt that if they did this, I'd play their record. They're right."
  • Wasteland: Ono ('Want Not' 7" EP) Ellie Jay
JP: "Mummy, wasn't there once a group called the something Ono band? Yes Darrell, there was."
JP: "I must admit that I thought that was going to get to number one. It never did, more's the pity, but their best to date."
  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On You (LP - At Home With) Epic
JP: "I remember hearing that on the radio when I was a kid myself. Frankly, life was never the same after that."
JP: "I won't be able to play any more tracks from the LP during the rest of the week because we only got these six 'London Calling' tracks on condition that we didn't play any more. The reasons for this are a bit complex, I don't fully understand them myself, but they exist. I hope you've enjoyed hearing these six and I shall certainly start playing the thing to death next week."

News at midnight read by Richard Clegg.


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  1. Not the actual label name, but Fandom rules forbids using the uncensored word.