• 1986-02-03
  • Surfin Dave

    The sleevenotes written by Andy Kershaw at the back of Surfin Dave And The Absent Legends LP

    Peel mentions that the latest single from Simple Minds sounds like Elton John after mentioning that he was in Edinburgh, Scotland doing gigs during the weekend, whilst the audience there wanted to hear the Scottish band.
  • Peel mentions that Bogshed are one of the bands that he would love to see live.
  • Peel reads out a message from Ajay Saggar from Lancaster, who wanted to say hi to his friends. Ajay later on in his career became a member of Dandelion Adventure, who did a session for Peel's show in 1990 and also appeared in Dinosaur Jr's Freak Scene video, where he had his hair shavened off.
  • Peel mentions that Andy Kershaw has written the sleevenotes on the back cover of Surfin Dave And The Absent Legends latest LP.
  • Peel didn't realise the Pogues released a 12" single called Dirty Old Town, until he was in Edinburgh and bought the record.
  • Peel plays a record from Australian band, Happy Hate Me Nots, that was sent to him from a listener.
  • Peel plays the wrong speed of the Reporter's track before correcting it.



(JP: 'Seven years old that you know, recorded when I was weighing thirteen and a half stone, unfortunately I still weigh thirteen and a half stone. Those were the Skids with Six Times. This is the first from the Janitors, Really Shrinking, I wish I was')
(JP: 'And from Surfin Dave to Surfin Dick')
(JP: 'It sounds like it ought to be the theme music to, one of those classic early 60's westerns, don't ask me to name one, because I can't. I know nothing about films. You know nothing about anything I heard you cry')
(JP: 'I always wanted to go to China. The chances are I'll never will go. Perhaps, Radio One will send me though on some kind of pretext. Only if I didn't come back though') [1]

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  1. Peel did travel to Hong Kong in late 1986, whose territory later transferred from Britain to China's rule in 1997.
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