• 1980-01-03
  • An hour of the second half of this show is now available. Tape flips and some tracks missing.
  • John mentions he had been entertaining a couple of 16 year old half-Finnish women during the previous nights show (02 January 1980). 'They were very polite, nice people. But when Mike Read came in, they went barmy... being terribly flirtatious, excitable, New Years kisses, all that kind of thing'.
  • Closes the show apologising for being 'more lugubrious than usual'.


'Double Dare' released on (LP/CD In A Flat Field) 4AD. Full session released on (LP/CD Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions) Beggars Banquet
Session released on (CD The Wonders Don't Care: The Complete Radio Recordings) Burning Airlines


File 1 begins
JP: "I'd forgotten actually that the Donna & The Kebabs acetate that she had brought me, oh months ago, she had mislabeled everything. All the titles were mixed up and in the wrong places on the record. I could smack her little bottom for her. Anyway this is Girl On The Run, I hope..."
(tape flip on file 1 but covered by File 3)
  • Bauhaus: Double Dare (Session) @1 $
JP: "They aren't ABBA are they, that's a hard band. And now, several Maggie's Farms."
  • Unknown artist: Maggie's Farm (3? versions were played, but only one is recorded) (could one of those versions be the b-side of Do Nothing by the Specials? [not possible, it didn't see the light of day until the autumn of 1980])
  • Barry Ford & New Breed: Maggie's Farm (12" Maggie's Farm) Sunstar
  • The Adverts: I Looked At The Sun (Session)
  • Ratsia: Ne Ei Haluu Kuunnella / They Don't Want To Listen (LP Ratsia) Johanna
Sung in Finnish to the tune of Wasted Life by Stiff Little Fingers
JP: "Next week the John Peel Roadshow will be back on the road after the Christmas recess, I bet you're all excited about the prospect of that! And it's first gig is in Edinburgh I believe."
JP: "A lot better then the Peter and Gordon original, that's for sure."
JP: " what you're trying to say is, as I understand it, that you will walk me home? That's most accommodating. Those are The Adverts, and that's the last from them, and the last from their last session clearly as the band has broken up."
  • [closing music] Grinderswitch: Pickin' the Blues (LP Macon Tracks) Capricorn Records
  • JP: "..and I'm sorry if I have been, or may have been anyway, more lugubrious than usual. This is because of course, I am disappointed as I always am on Thursday nights 'cos I shall have no contact with you until Monday. Probably won't turn up then anyway. On Monday night we have sessions from Simple Minds and The Mekons... you better be there on Monday or there will trouble you know."
  • File 1 ends
  • Bauhaus: A God In An Alcove (Session) @2 unknown location in show
  • Tracks marked @ on File 2
  • Tracks marked $ on File 3


  • 1) John Peel Show (1980_01_03) Bauhaus, The Adverts sessions.mp3
  • 2) The ATTIC Tapes [Vol 1] JOHN PEEL Jan-Feb-Mar 1980
  • 3) [80-2-3-4-R1] Radio 1 John Peel & Tony Blackburn ~ Jan/Feb 1980 ~ BBC
  • 1) 1.00.16
  • 2) 1:57:00 (1:23:41-1:44:42) (1:28:22-1:32:17 unique)
  • 3) 18:00 (to 6:40) (2:35-3:20 unique)
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