• 1990-07-03
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  • Jesus Loves You: Generations Of Love File c only
  • File a begins
  • Charley Chaplin, A. Tosh & Tamlins: Rastafari (7") Dennis Star International back announced only
  • Sonic Youth: Kool Thing (album - Goo) DGC
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  • Pixies: Velouria (12") 4AD BAD 0009
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  • Krispy Three: Mentally Appetising (session)
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  • Entombed: Left Hand Path (album - Left Hand Path) Earache MOSH 21 also File b
  • Hellbastard: Justly Executed (album - Natural Order) Earache MOSH 22 also File b
  • A referee looks like someone out of MASH. That's eh 'also File b 10s more
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  • "for all of you Smiths fans"
  • Mr. Floppy: 100,000 Morrisseys (7") Zombie Penis Death ZPD 001
  • This is bordering on fast. Is that the 22nd minute of the first qu....
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  • Jam On The Mutha: Hotel California (single) MGC
  • "That Maradona can certainly do extraordinary things. I just wish he didn't cheat so much,"
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  • Minutemen: Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (album - What Makes A Man Start Fires) SST SST 014 File b only 1:26:24-1:28:08
  • File a resumes
  • Pixies: The Thing (12" - Velouria) 4AD BAD 0009
  • small edit on File a
  • "And by an extraordinary coincidence here's a record by some people called the Thing and this is is on Noiseville Records" File a resumes "and it's called Blu 4 U. And do you realise if this football match isn't sorted out during this record, it's going to be penalties."
  • Thing: BLU 4 U (12") Noiseville #14 also File b 1:28:08-1:33:10
  • comment from John about not being able to take any more and should Nicky Campbell take over the last 20 minutes.
  • Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves) (12" - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Remix)) HVN 212 R (Peel mistakenly calls the track 'The Official Saint Etienne World Cup Theme', which is on the B-side of the 12" single) 'also File c
  • File a ends
  • Sonic Youth: Scooter + Jinx (album - Goo) DGC Only File b 1:33:10-1:34:01


  • a) 1990-07-03 Peel Show R077 R108.mp3
  • b) best of peel vol 8 (with introductions)
  • c) 1990-07-xx Peel Show LE077
  • a) 39:14
  • b) 1:35:27 (1:19:55-1:34:01) 2:49 unique
  • c) 1:03:12 (17:55-26:42) (to 22:42 unique)
  • a) Mooo
  • b) best of peel vol 8 (with introductions)
  • c) Mooo
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