• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1992-07-03
  • Start of show: 'Hello, eager listeners. Look, I know you've got me marked down as a miserable sod, but since I last spoke to you, I've had a wonderful week. Not only the European Championship finals (more of that later), but also the Glastonbury Festival: an utterly magical event. And who was man of the match? Lou Reed? Tom Verlaine? Carter? Primal Scream? Mark E. Smith? The Levellers? Van Morrison? No: it was this man.'
  • John raves about his recent visit to the Glastonbury Festival, the first time he had been since the inaugural event in 1971, when the Pink Fairies track in the list was recorded (it was released in 1972, on the soundtrack album of Peter Neal's documentary film of the festival).
  • He plays three tracks by artists he saw there (Tom Jones being the act he rates above all the others: in fact, he considers getting hold of the tape made of this performance and broadcasting it as a session, which never happened).
  • He reveals that the LSO track he plays a short portion of induced him to make an attempt to get Margaret Thatcher in for a session. Unsurprisingly he was turned down, as he claims the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols did before (the last is not a true claim: John Walters decided not to book them as he took an instant dislike to Johnny Rotten, and subsequently regretted it).
  • The show is complete from 11pm to 00:45am, with approx 45 out of the remaining 75 minutes available from Files d/e which contains edited tracks, with some Peel outros


  • Yardstick, one and only session. Recorded 1992-06-09. No known commercial release. Missing tracks: 'Double Zero', 'Twenty Three'.
  • Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, one and only session (repeat). Recorded 1992-03-24. No known commercial release. Missing tracks: 'Positive, 'Exercise'.



  • a) 00:52:02
  • b) 00:30:57; 00:30:58; 00:46:38
  • c) 1:34:42 (from 00:01:39)
  • d) 00:46:15 (from 4:26) (from 8:48 to 44:59 unique)
  • e) 00:46:10 (to 6:03)
  • j) 1:32:42 (45:13-1:09:04)
  • a) 320 kbps stereo. Begins near the conclusion of the first track and ends just after the beginning of the Sleaze Sisters song. This file has been recorded from a strong FM source though is a little bass light.
  • b) 256 kbps mono. File created from CB047 and CB051 of 500 Box. Includes all the tracks listed above (with the sole exception of the news). These files appear to be recorded from a weak FM signal judging by the interference.
  • c) 128 kbps stereo. Begins with the last track of the Tommy Vance show and continues until mid way through the Drag Racing Underground track. In many ways the best sound quality of all despite the low bit rate.
  • d) From DW Tape 3
  • e) From DW Tape 4
  • j) Created from LE141 of Lee Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22
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