• 1972-06-03
  • Thanks to the rtl208 website for making this show available.
  • Recording is of early 1970s medium wave quality with some fading and distortion at times.
  • Peel has recently attended the "Great Western Express" festival, at Bardney, Lincolnshire, between 26-29 May. It clearly made an impression on him as he talks about it quite a lot in the first part of the show and sympathises with the ordinary festival-goers who had to camp out in the mud.
  • There are more Peel favourites and fewer new releases than on his BBC shows of the time. Radio Luxembourg had no needletime restrictions, so JP was free to play whatever he liked. He describes the playlist as "a curious selection of music - various things I want to hear", and there aren't any of the commercials heard on other Radio Luxembourg shows.
  • On File 2, Peel's show is followed by Dave Christian, who has an early '70s rock playlist with some records Peel liked, including tracks by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Allman Brothers Band and a Chuck Berry track from one of the Cruisin series of LPs. Unlike Peel, whose show was pre-recorded in London, he seems to be broadcasting live from Luxembourg, and there are commercials between the records. One of them lists the contents of the new issue of Sounds ("only six new pence") , other ads are read by Alan Freeman and Noel Edmonds.


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  • 1) 19720603 Kid Jensen, John Peel (59.59)
  • 2) 19720603 John Peel, Dave Christian (60.22)
  • 1) 1:00:00 (from 9:36)
  • 2) 1:00:23 (until 6:38)
  • Thanks to Hans Knot for the audio and mikebarraclough of the Peel Yahoo group
  1. This is the full name of the band, as shown on the LP sleeve. But their later albums on Topic[1], and their Peel sessions, are credited simply to the Cheviot Ranters.
  2. Peel played the track from this album on his 02 January 2003 show, presumably from the same record. It is not known if this was a reissue. It was also a Peelenium choice for 1960, so it was presumably something of a personal favorite.