• 1985-06-03
  • JP's first show since the events at Heysel the previous week starts on somber note: "Well, hello again, chums. It’s nice to be back. And ever since last Wednesday I’ve been wondering what I’ve been going to say to you tonight, and I’ve decided the best thing is to say nothing. I mean, everybody else has. And the events in Brussels have already been seized upon by a wide range of interests to prove points that they wanted to make. Witness the discussion on Janice’s programme about the licensing laws earlier on tonight. I’ll just say that as a boy I never understood why my dad wouldn’t tell us about his experiences in North Africa and Italy during the war, and now I do..."
  • The show seems to be running a tad slow. Note the order of the files is a little confusing. They add up to around 120 minutes. There appear to be gaps between segments 1 and 2, and segments 4 and 5. Any small gaps between the first 3 files have now been filled in by a newly available recording.
  • The John Peel Roadshow had been in Oxford the previous Saturday, featuring 10,000 Maniacs. Peel is also looking forward to an upcoming gig by Roy Orbison in Ipswich, possibly the coming weekend. In Margrave Of The Marshes (Bantam Press, hardback, p. 225), Sheila includes it as among the nominees for Peel's ten best gigs ever.
  • JP recalls comparing the Pink Pop festival in Holland exactly a week before. Says it was the highlight of the past two or three weeks and Steel Pulse where probably the best band.


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  • File 1: 372-850603.mp3
  • File 2: 372-850603b.mp3
  • File 3: 373-850603a.mp3
  • File 4:373-850603b.mp3
  • File 5: 374-850603.mp3 (first minute only)
  • File 6: 374-850604.mp3
  • File 7: das90240_2011-02-18T19_07_10-08_00.mp3
  • File 8: 1985-06-03 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • The John Peel Show 3rd June 1985
  • 020A-B0544XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 24:11
  • 23:55
  • 24:02
  • 24:05
  • 23:35 (first minute only)
  • 23:47
  • 43:53
  • 1.52.24
  • 1:52:24
  • 1:59:57
  • Files 1 to 6 created from T372, T373 and T374 of 400 Box.
  • File 7 is a continuous segment in fair FM mono.
  • File 8 is a reconstructed version of the show from files 1-7. Many thanks to Bill!
  • Please address all re-up requests to Peel Mailing List.
  • Recordings at the British Library.
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