• 1989-05-03
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  • Band Of Susans: It's Locked Away (album - Love Agenda) Blast First BFFP 43
  • Death By Milkfloat: (What's Your Name) Roger Murray (12" - Sense And Nonsense) Di Di Music DI DI 120
  • Just-Ice: The Desolate One (album - The Desolate One) Sleeping Bag SBUKLP 5 @
  • Screaming Trees: Grey Diamond Desert (album - Invisible Lantern) SST SST 188
  • Beethoven: Channel Blocks? (12" EP - Him Goolie Goolie Man, Dem) Setanta SET 001
  • Great Leap Forwards: The Nose On The King (album - Don't Be Afraid Of Change) Communications Unique CULP 001 back announced only.
  • "More than one person has written in saying, 'How come no Big Flame stuff has been issued on Strange Fruit'. Well, the fact of the matter is, that Strange Fruit are quite keen to issue the Big Flame things, I think the members of the band are not averse to the idea either, but one of the crucial tapes has gone astray, and the reason for this is, as I've probably explained to you before, that for some time, though it's different now, all our tapes were kept in cardboard boxes in corridors, whereas things like Mike Read's Christmas programmes and the recordings thereof would be kept in lead lined cases in the bottom of some converted and disused mineshaft in the Home Counties"
  • Lip Cream: Head Games (album - Close To The Edge / 危機) Selfish BEL-12027
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  • O.V. Wright: Nobody But You (album - Here's Another Thing) Charly R&B CRB 1204 @
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