• 1990-11-03
  • File 1 has a few minutes of David Bowie In Concert, that was broadcast before Peel's programme. After the concert, Peel's programme starts and wishes Bowie did a cover of Blank Generation by Richard Hell & The Voidoids. The last few minutes of File 1 has a death metal track, which suddenly emerges after the John Fahey track, it is not known if it is connected to Peel's show.
  • Peel plays three tracks from the debut CD album of the New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
  • Peel mentions that the Vaselines have reformed to play with Nirvana in Edinburgh after he played Nirvana's session track 'Son Of A Gun', which was originally performed by the Vaselines.
  • Peel mentions listening to a London dance radio station (Peel doesn't mention the name but is more likely to have been Kiss FM), who were counting down their specialist chart when he was driving towards London from East Anglia and plays a track from Kicksquad that was number #4 in that chart.
  • Peel plays a reggae track from Junior Reid that he said was worth playing, after he was a sent a bunch of reggae records from a record shop, who mentioned to Peel that there weren't many good recent reggae records worth sending to him.
  • Peel plays the track 'D-7' by the Wipers and then plays Nirvana's session version of the song.
  • Peel mentions lending a John Fahey LP to his brother, Alan, who lost it, but was forgiven, when he found the record again.



(Peel reminds listeners about voting for the Festive Fifty before the end of November)

Tracks marked # available on File 2

Tracks marked @ available on File 3


  • 1) 020A-B7496XXXXXXX-0100A0[1].mp3
  • 2) best of peel vol 16 part 1 (with introductions).mp3
  • 3) 1990-11-xx Peel Show LE088
  • 1) 3:17:28 (0:02:36-3:14:57)
  • 2) 00:46:48 (28:40-33:59)
  • 3) 1:21:49 (18:56-50:00)
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