• 2002-10-03
  • Start of show: "Good evening, young people."
  • On the Pet Shop Boys' first session for the progamme, recorded that day and to be broadcast the following Thursday (10 October 2002): "It came about really as a result of me reading an article in a newspaper somewhere I think, which confirmed that by and large I think their attitude to most things is pretty sound. And it occurred to me as I was reading it that they might just be up for doing a session for the programme, and this turned out to be the case."



(JP: 'On last night's programme, I was talking about the fact that some radio programmes are not very flexible, and they have meetings to discuss whether they're going to play records, and then what they're going to play next week, and in line with this, I thought we'd create a programme from scratch when I got home, so I got home about 8.30 and put this programme together. One or two of the tracks were waiting in the post for me when I got home. All of this entirely unrelated to the fact that I left the box with all of tonight's pre-programmed records in London, so....')
(JP: 'I hope the programme hasn't seemed too chaotic to you, if you've been listening since we started at 10 o'clock, but we have essentially, due to circumstances, I was going to say beyond our control, but it's entirely my fault really, so not beyond our control whatsoever. We have been pretty much making it up as we went along and I hope that hasn't shown too much or spoilt your enjoyment of it.')


  • a) John Peel 2002-10-03
  • b) John_Peel_20021003.mp3
  • c) John Peel (Múm Session) 21.09.02
  • a) 01:56:59
  • b)
  • c) 00:05:26, 00:09:38, 00:04:09, 00:03:53
  • a) RA rip at 80 kbps
  • b) Many thanks to B!
  • c) Session tracks with links - 320 kbps (zip file)
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