• 1980-08-04
  • John and Mike Read had played in a celebrity cricket match over the weekend at Aldenham in Hertfordshire. When batting, Read was out first ball as the number 5 batsman, whereas Peel had made a "pretty pacey" 27, coming in next. John notes with quiet satisfaction that his bowling figures were also better than Mike's, despite claiming never to have bowled in his life before.
  • Records of the week chosen by his R1 colleagues are: Mike Read - Salford Jets, "She's Gonna Break Your Heart". Simon Beast OBE - Public Skool, "Baby Come Back". Paul Burnett - The Pretty Things, "I'm Calling". Andy Peebles - Elton John, "Sartorial Eloquence". Richard Skinner - Paul Simon, "Late In The Evening". JP: "I'd keelhaul the whole bunch of them if it was left to me, but happily it's not."
  • The Hinton Box file is a pause button edit of the show to highlight the Costello session: none of the Passions tracks have been included.
  • The Peel 1980 Mix file seems to contain an uninterrupted section of the show, so the track listing for this has been interpolated below, though the final two tracks were from later in the show and where they fit in compared to the later Hinton edits is unknown..

Session Repeats


File c begins at intro to show

File a begins near start of first track

  • Jam: 'Start! (7")' (Polydor)
(JP: 'Very Jam, very Taxman.')
(JP: 'The way I understand it, we're all going to be millionaires in the new brighter Britain, or have I got that wrong?')

File a break

(JP: '[The] Single of that should have been a chart biggie.')

File a resumes and File b begins

(JP: 'And now, the first result of Factory Records' assault on Europe. It's a Factory Benelux product, in's on Crepuscule Records, which I think means something like 'twilight', or it means something more subtle than that. It may mean nothing like that at all, I have no idea, to be honest.')

File a break

(JP: 'Factory Records' grasp of French seems to be roughly parallel with mine, judging by the notes on the sleeve.')
(JP: 'The reason I'm playing these things is because I'm trying to soften you up. You see, these days I get more letters from people saying, "Please don't play any more of these European records" in almost the same numbers as I used to get letters a few years ago saying, "Please stop playing reggae", so I don't know what the significance of that is exactly, but anyway we've got a Focus On Europe in a couple of weeks time...we're not using it, unfortunately, as an opportunity to go travelling around Europe and investigate what's going on in different parts of the continent. I rather wish we were, but we're not, so we depend on records which arrive here from European record companies, or, which happens increasingly these days, are brought to us by various tourists passing through.... it's a novelty is it, said he desperately.')

File b break

File c cuts out near start of above

File b resumes (4:22 unique)

File b ends
File a resumes, with pause button edits, 11:28 unique

(JP: 'Now that's the sort of thing that ought to be somebody's record of the week.')

File a ends


  • a) BH008 JP 1980-08-04 Side B
  • b) Peel 1980 Mix
  • c) 1980-08-04 Peel Show DB183
  • a) 00:23:54
  • b) 00:22:15 (from 00:02:27)
  • c) 00:46:48
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