• 1981-08-04
  • After the show the previous evening, Peel had gone to a gig at the Heaven club at Charing Cross and had seen at least some of the sets by Talisman and the Thompson Twins.
  • Earlier this evening, Peel and Chris Lycett had attended an event marking the reopening of the HMV record shop in Oxford Street. The person on the door hadn't recognised his face or the fact that he worked for Radio One; to compound this, they'd mispelt his name on the ID sticker he was given to wear.
  • Peel describes U2 as "nice lads", having met them at the Pink Pop Festival in the Netherlands earlier in the year.
  • John updates us on the status of his damaged finger, having injured it in an accident involving the lawn mower the previous week. He'd had to have the tip of the finger sewn back on and complains that feeling has yet to return to this bit of the digit.
  • JP: "As you know, all of us disc jockeys - particularly if you listen to the Mike Read programme - would like to be something else. If somebody had come to me and said, when I was about fifteen, 'look, you can play for Liverpool but you've got to die when you're thirty' I would have said, 'fine! I'll take that, no trouble at all'.



JP: "Now I'm going to spoil everything by playing a popular record. In fact, no less than the number 39 record in the BBC Radio One charts. [1]"


  • 1981-08-04 Peel Show DB248.mp3
  • 1:35:04
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