• 1991-08-04
  • Side A of CB105 is edited highlights, while side B is unedited and leads up to the end of the show.
  • New file from Rich contains just over the first half of the show.
  • Including some extra tracks from mixtapes, around 2 hours 40 minutes of a 3 hour show are now available.



(JP: 'Why are these people not major celebs?')
(JP: 'A mighty track indeed.')
(JP: 'Years and years ago, well about four or five years ago I venture, our William got keyboards and started messing around trying to record stuff at home, and to try and encourage him, I took him into our room and played him a record by 70 Gwen Party and said, "This is the kind of thing you can do with like limited resources in your own home," and he was much impressed by it.')
(JP: 'Every once in a while, I dig out one of the Kenyan records that I bought when I went there on holiday in 1972 in the hope of making Andy Kershaw jealous: up until now, he's been largely indifferent to it all, but I shall persist.')
(JP: 'As I said when this session went out for the first time a few weeks ago, I've had lots of demo tapes from 70 Gwen Party over the years and indeed their record, and I'm really ashamed that this is their first session. It should be their sixth or seventh....You'll certainly hear them in session before the end of the year, if I have anything to do with it.')
(JP: 'To end tonight's programme, instead of playing you something wilful and obscure that'll make your grass die, the Farm and a chart-bound sound!')
  • Farm: 'Mind (Midnight Sun Mix) (12")' (Produce)
  • (2 a.m. news)
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  • a) CB105 JP 1991-08-04 Side A
  • b) CB105 JP 1991-08-04 Side B
  • 1) 1991-08-04 Peel Show R181.mp3
  • 2) 1991-07-xx-08-xx Peel Show LE111
  • a) 00:47:37
  • b) 00:37:36
  • 1) 01:34:
  • 2) 1:35:16 (44:32-1:28:25) (1:07:44-1:13:47 unique)
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