• 1970-07-04
  • (Duff Paddy) We fast-forward nearly a year from the previous show to mid-1970, and find music-loving Johnny Plee introducing sessions from Country Joe McDonald, Fotheringay and Cochise. It all gets a bit Pete Frame at this point, because Country Joe had recently stopped working with The Fish (as he told John Walters while recording the session), Fotheringay was Sandy Denny's project after leaving Fairport and Cochise are probably best known for being Mick Grabham's main band before he joined Procol Harum. By coincidence, Peel even plays a Procol Harum track right before one of Cochise's session tracks. Hope you're all taking notes: there'll be a test after class.
  • Peel explains that the Country Joe session tracks will all go out together in a batch in the middle of the show - but says there's "no particular reason" for this.
  • After a "discussion" during the first Fotheringay session track, Peel, John Walters and the Pig agree that Sandy Denny is Britain’s best female singer. (The readers of Melody Maker thought so too, votiing her top female vocalist in the paper's 1970 Pop Poll[1]
  • At the end of the show Peel lists the session guests, "along with Eddie Lee Beppeaux". He also mentions that Nellie the Elephant will be doing a session next week, and then says "I get more like Noel Edmonds each week" 


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  • Files 1 & 3 begin at start of show
  • File 3; End of Noel Edmonds show, followed by Peel’s intro – sounding as if he’s speaking with his mouth full 
  • Free: Mr. Big (album - Fire And Water) Island ILPS 9120
  • American Dream: Credamphels (album - The American Dream) Ampex / Bearsville A 1010 (JP: "quite a jolly LP but not released here"; It would be another 41 years before a UK release) 
  • Fotheringay: The Sea (session) (“for Release, for all the work they did at the Bath Festival”) 
  • Wilbert Harrison: Blue Monday (album - Let's Work Together) London SH 8415 / Decca HA 8415
  • Cochise: Woodland Light Irons (session)
  • Pretty Things: Scene One / The Good Mr.Square / She Was Tall, She Was High (album - Parachute) Harvest SHVL 774 ("The Pig's Choice, from the LP Parachute, which you doubtless own")

News (edited out on File 3)

  1. Hold On It's Coming
  2. Balancing On The Edge Of Time
  3. It's So Nice To Have Love
  4. Maria
  5. Tell Me Where You're Bound
  • File 2 ends
  • Medicine Head: Coast To Coast (And Shore To Shore) (7") Dandelion S 5075
  • Fotheringay: Banks of The Nile (session)
  • Asks cinema owners on behalf of Walters and himself to show W.C. FieldsThe Fatal Glass of Beer, "the best film ever made"
  • Procol Harum: Your Own Choice (album - Home) Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1014
  • Tape flip during above track on File 3
  • Cochise: Past Loves (session)
  • Wild Man Fischer: The Wild Man Fischer Story (album - An Evening With Wild Man Fischer) Bizarre/Reprise 2XS 6332 swear words edited out
  • Mike Cooper: Watching You Fall (Parts 1 & 2) (7" - Your Lovely Ways (Parts 1 & 2)) Dawn DNX 2501
  • Tape flip during above track on File 3
  • 4.30 News with Humphrey Walwyn – Northern Ireland government bans all marches; slight relaxation of curfew in Belfast; Queen expresses sympathy for families of 112 victims of previous day’s Comet air disaster in Spain[2]. PM Edward Heath tells Tories not to expect miracles 
  • Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie (album - Workingman's Dead) Warner Bros. WS 1869
  • American Tourist photo competition now closed – after only “5 or 6 entries”. Result to be announced next week 

        (JP: And there's one for Jimmy Savile. Sounds like a communal shower actually)


  • 1) (Torrent) JOHN PEEL'S TOP GEAR - 8 SHOWS FROM 1969 & 1970
  • 1) 1970-04-07 John Peel Top Gear BBC Radio 1.mp3
  • 2) CountryJoe1970-06-29TopGearLondonUK
  • 3) J P Top Gear 04 July 1970 complete.mp3
  • 1) 01.57.31
  • 2) 00:18:38
  • 3) 01:52:48
  • 1) (Duff Paddy) This torrent is a re-upload of the 8 classic Top Gear shows that appeared on my Peel blog Kat's Karavan and have now expired onMost of them are full (or nearly full) shows, encoded as 320K MP3s from 7-inch reel-to-reel tapes.
  • 1) Many thanks to hills1902 for supplying the tapes, to John for ripping and encoding them and to Phil for originally hosting the MP3s on his server.
  • 2) A slightly better quality recording of the Country Joe McDonald session. Full details at SugarMegs
  • 3) Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation.
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