• 2002-07-04
  • Peel plays a comedy soundtrack from Brother Dave Gardner, who he hasn't heard for ages since he played it on Kat's Karavan.



  • Gold Chains: 'Straight From Your Radio (12"-Straight From Your Radio)' (Tigerbeat6)
  • Tender Trap - 'Oh! Katrina (7")' (Fortuna Pop!)
  • Dom & Roland - 'Soundwall VIP (LP - Back For The Future)' (Moving Shadow)
  • Clinic - 'Come Into Our Room (7")' (Domino)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'Regrets' (Live at Peel Acres)
  • Stylus - 'The Cosmic Beekeeper (LP - Pedwar)' (Fourth Dimension)
  • M'du - 'Awuna Plani (feat. Mashamplani)' (Epic)
  • Chap - 'Exalarm (10")' (Lo)
  • Beatings - 'The Jailhouse (CD single)' (Fantastic Plastic)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'The Treehouse Song' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Shondells - 'Oooo Sometimes (LP - Queens Of King)' (Ace)
  • Brother Dave Gardner - 'Brother Dave Gardner (LP - Kick Thy Own Self)' (RCA Victor)
  • Weird War - 'Name Names (LP - Weird War)' (Domino)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'This Is What It Is' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Towards the end of this performance, the house phone starts ringing. It's one of Peel's children. He compliments Nina for coping with the interruption so well. "My friend, Andy Kershaw, is going to play one of these songs on Radio 4's Pick of the Week, and I kind of hope he chooses that one."
  • Paradox - 'Unnatural Causes (EP - The (Drum) Works Vol. 2)' (Reinforced)
  • Pattern - 'Nothing Of Value (LP - Real Feelness)' (Wichita)
  • Rondellus - 'Post Aetuernitatem (After Forever) (LP - Sabbatum)' (Beg The Bug)
  • Electro Group - 'Line Of Sight (LP - A New Pacifica)' (Omnibus)
  • Mark Ashley - 'The Speed Of Light (12")' (Nu Energy)
  • Odd Nosdam - 'Track 26 (LP - Sampler Vol. 3)' (Mush)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'Deck In Vegas' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Samurai Seven - 'Been A Fool (LP - Le Sport)' (Rotator)
  • Duke Ellington: 'In a Jam' - Pig's Big 78
  • Langstreckenlaufer - 'Sternontragfalchen (LP- Zu Fuss)' (Familystyle)
  • Spillsbury - 'Zwei Sekunden (EP - Spillsbury)' (L'Age D'or)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'All Your Life' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'Too Much Inbetween' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Nina Nastasia: 'Ugly Face' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Young People - 'The Pier (LP - Young People)' (GER)
  • Ill Doggy - 'Funk Hole (12")' (Salo)


  • John_Peel_20020704.mp3
  • 02:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
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