• 1997-06-04
  • Peel was supposed to play Swearing At Motorists, but played a track from Penthouse instead for some seconds, before correcting it.
  • Peel does another wrong track moment when he was supposed to play Velocette covering the Paris Angels' Perfume, but instead plays another Velocette session track for a few seconds before he corrects it.
  • Peel plays a track from Brokeback covering a Captain Beefheart track called A Carrot Is Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond.



(BBC Radio One trailer)
(Mark Radcliffe Breakfast Show trailer)
(JP: 'This next one is the Fretin (Peel mispronunciation of Tsvety I suspect!!) football record. I think, I could be obviously stepping on people's toes here, but I think it's in Russian, although it was sent to me by somebody who listens to the World Service programmes that I do and he sent it from Riga in Latvia and there is a mention of Football in it no question about that and also one of my mates claim to have heard the words Great Britain in there, but I missed it myself, and there is also a reference I think to Estonia, so who knows, what's its all about, but on the other hand, the odd football record does you good.')
  • Tsvety (Цветы): Ах, Футбол (7") Мелодия [1] @
(JP: 'I still not entirely certain what language that's in, but a fine record for all of that. I also picked up the words 'attack', 'wonky' and 'arsey' at one stage, which may not mean the same thing in that part of the world')


  • 1) 020A-H08858XXXXXXX-0200A0.mp3
  • 2) 1997-05-xx-06-xx Peel Show LE353
  • 3) 1997-06-xx Peel Show LE354
  • 1) 1:49:16
  • 2) 1:32:21 (1:16:17 on)
  • 3) 1:31:59 (to 1:12)
  1. The record turns out to be in Russian and the song was used for the 1986 USSR football team at the World Cup in Mexico.
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