• 2003-03-04
  • Opening Line: "I used to have quite a cute little bottom, but (that) was a long time ago…"
  • Peel features extracts from the BBC's live match commentaries from a couple of important games that were played on Sunday. The first was the 2-0 victory by Ipswich Town over local rivals Norwich City (BBC match report). The second match was Liverpool's 2-0 victory in the Worthington Cup over arch rivals Manchester United (BBC match report).
  • Commenting on the latter, Peel says, "some time on Sunday afternoon the blood started coursing through my veins again."
  • John and the team hope to meet the artist Clotaire K during the day tomorrow.


  • Skynet #1 Mix live from the Live Lounge at Yalding House.


JP: "My apologies to Norwich City supporters who may be listening to the programme for the bit in the middle, but it was a great result for Ipswich and there was much jubilation in our bijou maisonette I have to say, that afternoon."
JP: "I'm not going to go on again obviously about the White Stripes record because you're fed up of hearing me talk about it, but I've got a copy of the LP, as you know, but I'm not allowed to play it. I've actually given it to one of our young people. I'm not going to say which one in case they get legal action from New York as well. If it's not in the house I'm not tempted to play it, that's the whole point."
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


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