• 1994-11-04
  • John returns from a trip to Asia Minor (recording programmes for the BBC World Service) with a stinking cold.
  • JP attended a gig in Istanbul by Turkish band Zen a couple of nights before, "which was as bizarre an event as I have attended in all my life." He also spent an evening with them at a former beach house, where he discovered a Jerry Byrd LP that the band gave him - a track is played here - after hearing he'd been searching for the Byrd record "Memories Of Maria" for 25 years (a copy was later discovered in John Peel's Record Box).
  • Two recordings are available.  Recording (a) covers the first two and a quarter hours of a three-hour show. First track suffers from radio tuning and static. The second recording (b) covers the full show.



Recording starts

  • Fall: 'Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club Remix) (12")' (white label)
(JP: 'As you've probably noticed, I've got a bit of a cold, but mine is more exotic than most because I picked it up in Istanbul, which is where I've been for the last ten days, well there and Sofia, but I had to go there by plane and come back by plane, and had to take so many tranquilisers (I'm very frightened of aeroplanes), it was about a day before I started to function at either end of this excursion. More details as the programme unfolds, not too wearisome, I hope.')
(JP: 'As you can probably tell, my voice is in that kind of state (regular listeners will recognise it) which means that by the end of the programme it will probably have disappeared altogether: all to the good, I hear you cry.')

Recording (a) ends


  • (a) CB127 + CB128 JP 1994-11-04
  • (b) Peel Show 1994-11-04
  • (a) 02:17:08
  • (b) 02:55:39
  • (a) File created from CB127 and CB128 (Side A) of the 500 Box. Many thanks to Colin.
  • (b) Many thanks to Isector for recording and track listing.