• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1995-11-04
  • Start of show: "Hello good buddies, it's another John Peel's Music On BFBS. Heavy cold this week, but a lot of good music, starting with..."
  • John played a live gig in Camden Town for Radio 1 the previous night with Zion Train, Solar Race and Dave Clarke: this went out on 27 October 1995.
  • The Fall played in Cambridge, and JP didn't go to see them (mainly because William wasn't available to go with him and Sheila).


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(JP: "I think I'm jolly plucky, the way I turn up and do these programmes even when I've got a terrible cold. What it boils down to really is, I suppose, the fact that I don't want anybody else doing this, like having somebody else using your toothbrush.")
(JP: "What exactly is the divine purpose in giving me a cold?")
(JP: "I was really pleased, when I was doing this gig last night, which was at the Underworld in Camden, because one of the blokes on the door asked me about that. It's always really nice when you think that people working on the door are interested in music as well. He said, 'Oh, I just heard you play some great reggae track. What was it?' So I got the CD out and showed it to him and he wrote it all down and everything. He's obviously going to go out today or at some stage and buy it. A marked contrast, actually, to the last time I did something like that, which was at the University of Bristol, with Pulp, I seem to remember, the Bluetones and a couple of others. Musically it was a fine event, but it actually took place on something like the third floor of the Student Union, and I was doing the programme from a van which was in a car park at the bottom, so whenever a band was coming on stage and I had to go on and introduce them, I'd put on a long record, run across the car park, through a door, up six flights of stairs, and appear on the stage. Well, I'm not the most nimble of blokes these days, and obviously I'd arrive on the stage somewhat exhausted and out of breath. Nevertheless, I managed to get it all done, although my daughter subsequently told me that my announcements from the stage were completely inaudible anyway, so the whole thing was pointless. But the point is that every single time I had to do this, a fella said, 'Excuse me mate, can I see your pass?,' and you just wanna say, this is the fourth time I've done this! I'm the only person who's coming through this door, in essence, apart from one or two BBC technicians. And you just think, when you see that somebody's been shot, you think, actually I do understand that, in certain circumstances.")


  • Peel Show 1995-11-04 (BFBS)
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  • Many thanks to Carsten from Berlin.
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