• 1987-09-04
  • Peel mentions his house at Peel Acres has been flooded, because of the weather. He also reveals that his wife, Sheila, has 3 sisters and one of them lives in Hong Kong married with two children, who comes to Britain every 18 months, and she was staying at the house, with the other sisters and families.
  • Peel mentions a book that he wants to own, where somebody assesses classic films according to how many chickens were in there and what role they played. It turns out the book was called Cluck!: The True Story of Chickens in the Cinema, which was published in 1981.
  • Peel plays a track from Big Black covering Kraftwerk's The Model.
  • Peel plays the full track from Amayenge in the second part of the show, as he could only briefly play it in part 1, due to the news coming up.
  • Peel plays both tracks from Big Black's single and a song from a bootleg album called Sound Of Impact.
  • Peel plays a couple of tracks from Poland, including Made In Poland and Madame.
  • Peel plays a track from Jimmy Reed, which reminded him of his days in America driving around White Rock Lake in Dallas, listening to Kat's Karavan on WRR with Jimmy Reed records coming out of it and singing along with them with his girlfriend Nancy Bowling from Bryan Adams High School.



  • 1) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1987-09-04A.mp3
  • 2) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1987-09-04B.mp3
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  • 1-2) Thanks to Eddie Berlin!