• 1979-04-05
  • Session guests Neon Hearts are reportedly looking to recruit an extra guitarist so singer Tony Deary can concentrate on the vocals.
  • Amongst the records played are the opening trio of tracks from the new Thin Lizzy LP, two tracks from the latest album by Magazine and both sides of the new single by Kleenex.
  • 'Let's Dance' by Chris Montez is "a record I've always disliked intensely" according to John.
  • Peel mentions that the John Peel Roadshow will be playing in Grays, Essex tomorrow evening with two bands: Warrior and Hot Property. The track in the programme by Siouxsie & The Banshees is one that he says he'll probably play on the night.
  • Appearing on the singles review show Round Table tomorrow evening will be Elkie Brooks and "Timmy Bannockburn".
  • Peel has got hold of a copy of the solo LP by Little Feat's Lowell George. "It's not great, to be honest with you, but any Lowell George is better than none. Certainly substantially better than the proverbial jab in the sub-navels with a sharp stick."
  • Complete show presented from the Derby Box. Pause button edit of the show with few Peel links previously available from the Hinton Box. Tracks marked §.


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JP: "You can't help but feel that if the band were based in London - and why should they be based in London after all - by now they'd be on their second LP."


  • a) 1979-04-05 John Peel Radio 1 DB065+DB066.mp3
  • b) BH010 JP 1979-04-04 Side B (mistitled)
  • a) 2:01:25
  • b) 00:37:18
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